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The Old Suffolk Punch, Hammersmith

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The OSP on Fulham Palace Road has had a chequered past. In its glory days it was a boxer-owned pub “The Golden Gloves” but I first knew it as The Old Suffolk Punch and there was a great, if scuffed, geezer feel to the place — my favourite work boozer. Then it went through a refurb and a phase as the (initials only) OSP just when this review in 2003 [fancyapint.com] was written. The OSP at that time was an awful, soul-destroying place. There were light-box murals of grinning early 20-somethings having a GREAT TIME, looking like low-rent Tony Stone stock photos. It was enough to make the gods of the public house weep into their ports and lemons. A wretched attempt to create a terrible West End bar in the terrible West of Hammersmith.

Thankfully that passed — if a little too slowly — and it became The Old Suffolk Punch once again. A reliable if unremarkable Greene King pub. Well I do have one remark, though I imagine it’s about Greene King food menus chain-wide: The Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding wrap with gravy (and chips). Behold:

From the menu my colleagues and I were imagining a bread wrap around slices of beef and some tiny Yorkshire puds, but it was probably the IPA getting in the way of the obvious interpretation. A flat Yorkshire pud-style batter pancake was the wrap. Brilliant. You pick it up by the batter wrap with the beef and horseradish sauce trapped inside and dip it in the bowl of gravy. NOM, NOM, and three times NOM.

Well it was new to me. This update on a classic, I can get behind. And in to my tum.


  1. 1
    Bruce Anton on 1 Oct 2012 #

    I reccall going to the Golden Gloves in 1973 to watch Joe Bugner fight Muhammad Ali on TV in the public bar. There were about a dozen in the bar, all ex pugs who bobbed and weaved and shadow boxed while watching the fight. Part way throuh the fight the night club band fired up and one of the pugs complained to the publican Tony Mancini (an ex Golden Gloves holder himself) about the noise. Tony pulled the pin on the nightclub music and a dance floor full of people had to wait until the fight went the 12 (?) rounds before the band could recommence. Tony always had his priorities right.

  2. 2
    David Hatton on 23 May 2013 #

    This might sound weird but i was upstairs with patricia hopson.I was only a baby at the time.Tony i think is a cousion of mine some where along the line?.My mothers name was Tina Hatton & her sister was called Marleen,who married Alf Bartllet,they lived @ 64 Oakworth rd W10 they had two kids,Lynne & Lee.I have been trying to find the family that iv’e not really known.If possible if any one remembers any thing please get in contact with me.
    Mamy thanks.

    David R Hatton
    D.O.B 24/05/1965.

  3. 3
    Gemma on 31 Oct 2013 #

    Hi been told my partners grandads lions dale belt picture is in this pub I’d love go go see it so would he were is this pub in hammersmith and has it changed its name x

  4. 4
    Gemma on 31 Oct 2013 #

    His name is Jim or James Lewis we don’t no much as he never got to no his dad’s side of family till recently x

  5. 5
    Lazarus on 31 Oct 2013 #

    This ought to help you Gemma:


    They do that beef and Yorkshire wrap at the Druid’s Arms in Maidstone as well.

  6. 6
    Brendan Sheerin on 20 Jul 2019 #

    now I am feeling officially old. this was the boozer of boozers when I first came to London in the mid 80-s . .now it appears to be slightly Cosmo Flash . .they were great nights . .a past generation of proper geezers and beautiful London girls . loved it x

  7. 7
    Eddy Langton on 13 Dec 2020 #

    Loved this pub used to go for a few drinks and listen to live music always felt safe there

  8. 8
    Michael Mancini on 22 Aug 2021 #

    The story No 1 Bruce Anton false story never ever happened Bugner Ali was on a cinemas only I think and it was never a night club get facts right before printing a story also no dance floor and also I was with Tny at the Bugner Ali fight at HammersmithOdeon😂😂👍

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