Dec 08

The Poptimist Files

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This post is simply a way of getting all my Pitchfork columns linked to in one place so I can put it on the sidebar.

Poptimist #1: Music Hall, the Beatles, the power of the crowd.
Poptimist #2: Spoilers in music, MP3 blogs, the delights of conversation.
Poptimist #3: Thrill-Power Overload! 2000AD at 30.
Poptimist #4: What I like in music writing (Eshun, McDonald, Sinker, Kogan, Robinson)
Poptimist #5: ABBA – the story of a band that grew up.
Poptimist #6: Are The Smiths funny? How Big Facts come to control bands’ stories.
Poptimist #7: How to get rid of your record collection and what to do next.
Poptimist #9: Good taste and the slow death of British pop music.
Poptimist #10: In which Britney Spears makes the best album of the last five years.
Poptimist #11: Use other tests please.
Poptimist #12: Of Pop and Polls and Peel!
Poptimist #13: Marketing is nothing to be scared of.
Poptimist #14: The moment before punk: experiments in antediluvian archaeology.
Poptimist #15: A life in favourite albums.
Poptimist #16: Speculation vs Annotation, Final Crisis vs Secret Invasion
Poptimist #17: What might a history of pop be like?
Poptimist #18: 45 Things I Love About Pop
Poptimist #19: Triangulation, drug of the nation.
Poptimist #20: The incomplete story of robots in pop.


  1. 1
    Ned R. on 6 Dec 2008 #

    Okay I just remembered how much I loved the title of number 13.

  2. 2
    noah on 7 Dec 2008 #

    RoxyMuzak keeps trying to pull a fake Animal Collective leak scam on her other blog – since she cowardly blocks messages except her own fake ones, this blog will begin receiving her shit and hate if you continue leaving her on as a member.

  3. 3
    Raw Patrick on 8 Dec 2008 #

    ^^^ lol at the world’s whiniest guy.

  4. 4
    IchLugeBullets on 8 Dec 2008 #

    Noah and the Wail

  5. 5
    Oh hai! on 8 Dec 2008 #

    Noah and the FAIL morelike. Get one life!

  6. 6
    richard astley on 8 Dec 2008 #

    hey noah yous a butthurt muthafucka

  7. 7
    poohugh on 8 Dec 2008 #

    Poptimist #6: Are The Smiths funny? How Big Facts come to control bands’ stories:
    Two more Big Facts:
    -Leonard Cohen is miserable
    -Gordon Brown was prudent.
    There was an article in Private Eye earlier this year, about the abortive ITV impression show Headcases, which did some rubbish jokes about Gordon Brown being prudent. Their main thrust of the argument was exactly like your Big Facts blog, lovely stuff.

    And yes, Noah And The Dud, ahem.

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