Nobody volunteered to write about this record, so it falls to yr humble pop editor. Which is a bit of a shame, because it turns out I don’t like it much.

The track is a fairly straightforward hybrid of two sounds I love – Motown pop-soul and 60s Girl Groups, handclaps and beats and shang-a-langs all present and correct. But for me the two sounds seem to cancel each other out rather than mesh: the girliness softens the Motown drive, and the soulfulness clashes with the girl group’s teeny melodrama. I like the lyric, I like the tune, but the whole thing feels bloodless somehow.

(My suspicion is that it feels bloodless to me cos this is the sort of sound certain indie clubs – mentioning no names – have adopted as their own version of ‘perfect pop’, so when I listen to this it’s not the lovely Velvelettes I see.)

(Naturally this snippy review is also a GOAD to anyone who wants to write in praise of this record: do it yrself and we’ll put that one up!)