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the aztec for marmite!

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casseroletwo christmases ago my mum’s present was the money to buy a nice casserole dish, but the one i chose at john lewis was sold out by the time i went in to get it, and then never in stock — anyway i found it in habitat a month or so back, and just picked it up today and cooked with it and it is AWESOME COOL (and more to the point hot): viz matt black, semi-porous, made in la chamba in colombia to a model many centuries old, with lid on keeps food hot enough to eat for an hour, and is one up in size from the picture — so tonight’s permutational summer bake feast is an actual old-skool CASSEROLE hurrah


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    Mark M on 20 Jul 2006 #

    Whatever you do, don’t put it in the fridge – it will flake and crumble.

  2. 2
    pˆnk s lørd sükråt cunctor on 20 Jul 2006 #

    oh ok! it actually says don’t store stuff in it so i can’t imagine i would have

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    pˆnk s lørd sükråt cunctor on 20 Jul 2006 #

    ok i have discovered a drawback! as the liquid reduces the stew’s tideline gets lower and what’s at the edge bakes hard* onto the side — but without using something SCRAPY like brillo it is QUITE HARD to CLEAN IT

    *actually calcifies in this case, as i was using very high heat

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    Mark M on 21 Jul 2006 #

    This claims you have nowt to worry about: http://www.incantation-online.co.uk/acatalog/Barro_Negro_Instructions.html
    Not sure I believe it. I feel vaguely responsible for reasons far too obscure to go into…

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    pˆnk s lørd sükråt cunctor on 21 Jul 2006 #

    the soaking bit is probably the key — if it’s porous then the water gets behind it

  6. 6
    pˆnk s lørd sükråt cunctor on 21 Jul 2006 #

    (ps calcifies = carbonises, in case any chemists are lurkin –> i blame the heat)

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    […] (this recipe is adapted from claudia roden’s 1968 classic A Book of Middle Eastern Food) (warning: it takes abt three hours from start to finish, but you can do other things during almost all of this)get this: 1 x aztec marmite (or equiv) 1 x tiny frying pan (needn’t be tiny) […]

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    Nick on 1 Jun 2007 #

    I’ve found one of the most important things with this cookware is to properly seal it.

    I think there’s directions on that website mentioned above (incantation).

    After a few times of cooking the seal is great and every time we cook in it the dish seems triff.

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