Pop World Cup 2014

Apr 14

PWC14: Group G Finale (USA, Portugal, Ghana, Germany)

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brandy Welcome to the final Group G game! Let’s see how things stand.

USA (managed by The Lex), Portugal (managed by Weej) and Ghana (managed by Jonathan Bogart) all have 4 points, and the barest whisker of percentile difference between them. So it’s a straight knockout – the two sides doing best from those three go through.

Germany (managed by Tak), meanwhile, fell victim to the Group of Death and are on 0 points. They’ll be playing for pride only.

Poll and songs below the cut, and an ADMIN UPDATE for fans of those.

Apr 14

PWC14: Group F Finale (Nigeria, Iran, Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina

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dubioza Welcome to the final Group F game. Let’s see how things stand.

Pretty straightforwardly, as it happens, since both the earlier results in this group ran exactly the same way. Nigeria (managed by Cis) are through on 6 points, Bosnia-Herzegovina (managed by Scott) are eliminated with zero. Which leaves Iran (Wichita Lineman) in a strong position for the second qualifying place with 4 points, and Argentina (Chris) needing a win here on 2.

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Apr 14

PWC14: Group E Finale (France, Honduras, Switzerland, Ecuador)

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borisb Welcome to the Group E finale! Here’s how things stand.

France (managed by Jessica) have qualified with 6 points, and will top the group unless they come last here.

Honduras (managed by Kat) have 3.5 points. They will definitely qualify if they come first or second, and may do even if they don’t.

Switzerland (managed by Mullah Rezmat) have 1.5 points. They need to go for the win here and hope Honduras screw up.

Ecuador (managed by Meghan) have 1 point. They also need to go for the win and hope Honduras screw up.

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Apr 14

PWC14: Group D Finale (Uruguay, England, Costa Rica, Italy)

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carnesi Welcome to the Group D finale! Here’s how things stand.

Uruguay (managed by Matthew) have 5 points. A win or second place will certainly see them through – even with other results qualification is still possible.

England (managed by Ronald) have 4 points. Basically, any result in which they place higher than Costa Rica will see them through, and some others too.

Costa Rica (managed by Pete) have 3 points. They have no certain route to qualification but a win should do it.

Italy (managed by Andrew Hickey) have 0 points and cannot qualify. But they can still have an effect on the destiny of the group….

Mar 14

PWC14: Group C Finale (Japan, Cote D’Ivoire, Greece, Colombia)

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shakira Welcome to the final Group C match. Let’s see how things stand.

This group is a 3-way scrap. Japan (managed by Patrick St Michel) sit precariously on top with 4 points and a strong %-point difference. Cote D’Ivoire (managed by Garry) also have 4 points, and after their win in the second game Greece (managed by Billy Dods) have 3. All of these will go through with a win, and Japan or Cote D’Ivoire will be safe with second place. Meanwhile, Colombia have 1 point, and would only go through with an outrageously unlikely scoreline and combination of results. Though in the Results section below, you’ll see that Pop World Cup miracles do happen…

Mar 14

PWC14: Group B Finale (Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Chile)

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roku Welcome to the Group B finale. Let’s see how things stand.

Actually, this is a game where I wish I’d picked a less permutation-filled scoring system. Summary: everything to play for.

AUSTRALIA (Matt) have 4 points. A win or second-place means they’re home and dry.

NETHERLANDS (Job) have 3 points but a big %-of-votes lead over anyone else in the group, so in any kind of tie they will go through. A win or second-place will be fine for them too.

SPAIN (Carsmile Steve) also have 3 points. They will go through on a win, and should have a decent chance if second.

CHILE (lartsaegis) have 2 points and the simplest job: they have to go for the win. There is a potential combination which sees them go out even with a win, of course (and another where they go through with a 2nd place).

THAT’S ENOUGH PERMUTATING. Click to get to the songs, the poll, and the Group H results!

Mar 14

PWC14: Group A Finale (Cameroon, Brazil, Croatia, Mexico)

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amanditititititita Welcome to our last Group A game. Let’s see how things stand.

Cameroon (managed by Chris) have QUALIFIED from the group with 5.5 points. Either they or Brazil will now top the group.

Brazil (managed by Matt DC) have 4.5 points. Anything other than last place in this game will mean they qualify no matter what other teams do.

Croatia (managed by intothefireuk) have 2 points. If they come first in this game and Brazil come last, they will qualify.

Mexico (managed by Steve M) have been ELIMINATED with 0 points.

Thanks to all the managers for some great tracks. As usual, poll below the cut, along with the nail-biting results from Group G.

Mar 14

PWC14: Group H Match 2 (South Korea, Belgium, Russia, Algeria)

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jambazi Even men with steel hearts love to see a dog on the pitch – except when it holds up a vital second group game in the Pop World Cup! In this case the rogue canine was cleverly disguised as a market research conference – sorry everyone. Back now, and so are South Korea’s Iain Mew, Belgium’s Glynn, Russia’s Chelovek Na Lune and Algeria’s Katherine St Asaph. The fans went wild for Girls’ Generation – can Korea do it again, or can their rivals catch up?

Four tracks, two votes – poll below the cut, and very belated Group F results too.

Mar 14

PWC14: Group G Match 2 (Ghana, USA, Portugal, Germany)

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seeed Group G’s middle game sees Ghana (Jonathan Bogart) in front after narrowly beating the USA (The Lex) last time. Behind them come Portugal (Weej) and Germany (Tak) who will be looking to make more of an impact on this very tough group.

As ever, play the four songs and vote for two below the cut – where you’ll also find the Group E results and our first European qualifier for the knockout stages!

Mar 14

PWC14: Group F Match 2 (Nigeria, Iran, Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

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leila The second Group F match finds Nigeria (managed by Cis) in pole position, riding a wave of appreciation for African pop. Charged with getting past them are Iran (Wichita Lineman) and Argentina (Chris B) with Bosnia-Herzegovina (Scott M) needing points quickly.

As usual, you have two votes between the four tracks. The poll is below the cut, and so is the Group D results, with a second team exiting the tournament….