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May 18

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… or how when we made Morrissey we made him bad

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panic | hang the DJA bitter office quarrel — the so-called the ‘HipHop Wars’ — had been making life at the NME miserable from some time. At issue was the current and future direction of the paper — how to give the readers what they wanted to read, week on week, while staying abreast of music’s future trends — so when the Smiths released ‘Panic’ in late 1986, it crystallised everything. “Hang the DJ!” sang Morrissey: “Burn down the disco!” Those who cared for black music at all — future and past — were appalled: to them it was very clear who this talk of burning and hanging was aimed at. His supporters scrambled for a less ugly reading: not that kind of DJ! Not those discos! Much was made of Steve Wright following a news report about Chernobyl with a Wham! song. Concluding statement for the defence: He’s not anti black musicians, he’s anti bland music — and that goes for us all, surely?

May 18


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two eps now up of the Rambling Conversation of the Book of the Conference, feat. me and hazel southwell and what sounds like a GIANT bottle of wine which was in fact just normal-sized yes

pod 1: the pilot!
pod 2: uh merry memories of the nme!

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Plus here is the COVER courtesy SAVAGE PENCIL — this is due out in a month or three!