Jan 19

Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 13

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Which hospital:

1 Was a beneficiary of the South Sea Bubble?

2 Recalls an alternative title of Princess Diana?

3 Was built as a memorial to a solicitor’s wife at Moor Edge?

4 Was renamed after a Welsh surgeon and a pioneering English nurse?


Omargeddon #6: Corazones

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There’s The Mars Volta and there’s The Mars Volta Group, and it’s important to understand the difference between the two. The Mars Volta is the partnership of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala, and The Mars Volta Group is the evolving lineup of musicians who support them in the studio and on tour. Granted, some of these musicians appear with such frequency as to be considered full-time band members, like bassist Juan Alderete, saxophonist Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez, and percussionist/brother Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez. However, keyboardist Ikey Owens was probably the closest thing TMVG had to a truly permanent member.

He joined the very first iteration via De Facto and remained through 2011, when he left on amicable terms. Even for this constantly changing group – and knowing TMV’s history of restructuring the group by asking musicians to leave or by outright sacking them – Ikey’s departure felt slightly out of the blue. So when he joined Jack White’s touring band, I instantly thought: worlds are colliding, but in a good way! I couldn’t quite believe it wasn’t actually a figment of my fevered imagination. He initially joined The Buzzards, the all-male backing band supporting the Blunderbuss tour, and remained on keyboards for the Lazaretto tour three years later. In October 2014, he died of a heart attack, aged only 39.

Jack White/The Mars Volta worlds collide further on Corazones (“Hearts”). The usual instrumental foundation of guitar/bass/drum/keyboards is present as expected, but I think I can say with some degree of certainty that here is the first time I’ve ever heard harmonica or ukulele on any ORL release. His music has always defied genre via a giant sack o’influences, but here they feel compacted, resulting in an umami-like Jack White flavour sprinkled throughout. It’s very folky, like alt-country that’s sunned itself in the warmth of pop. All of these elements have been evident across his other work, but scattered over larger soundscapes.

It’s also a record haunted by bereavement – Omar has said that the main inspiration for the record was his mother, who was dying of a terminal illness. Knowing this, it makes me associate Corazones with Ikey even more. However it’s not so much an exercise in anguish as it is a celebration of love.


Jan 19

Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 12

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1 Who was allowed a gill of beer a day?

2 Who viewed his domain upon Arkindale Side?

3 With what birth defect was Greene’s corvid assassin afflicted?

4 Whose gait was likened to that of a gentleman with exceedingly tight footwear?


Jan 19

Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 11

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1 What was reduced by 20 in 1967?

2 What urges adhesion to the desk on terra firma?

3 What prohibited shoes or boots with spikes or springs?

4 What postulates that individuals in warmer climates have longer limbs?


Jan 19

Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 10

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(Into the 2nd half now, come on…)

1 Where is the Blue Slipper?

2 Where did nightingales warble and sing?

3 From where were the boys evacuated to Brantwood?

4 Where did Sophie’s grandson find the window too narrow?


Jan 19

The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2018: #30-#21

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“Noswaith dda! Dwi’n Duo, y tylluanod Cymreig! Roeddwn i’n siomedig iawn am fod Kat yn rhoi’r gorau i wneud Duolingo y llynedd. Gwn ei bod hi’n brysur iawn, ond mae fy planed yn marw, ac mae angen Quosh arnom. Pam ydych chi wedi ein gadael pan fydd angen help arnom fwyaf? Nid yw Google Translate yn ddigon… mae’r cywion, maen nhw’n crio am eu mam … beth ddylwn i ei ddweud wrthynt, Kat?”

Diolch, Duo! That’s all the Welsh I can remember I’m afraid. I’m sure your message is as encouraging and cheery as ever though! On to the next batch of results:


Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 9

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1 Who wrote about the polymath, Joseph Bologne?

2 Whose prestige product honours a former naval person?

3 Who progressed from Arras via Sens and Rouen to finally settle in Avignon?

4 Who was the life and soul of King’s Abbot, but was stabbed by the local GP?


Jan 19

Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 7 (really)

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Which periodical:

1 Was found under Adrian’s bed by his mother?

2 Provided Mr Finch with a £10 prize for solving a crossword?

3 Carried the headline DIAR KNAB NI EFIL OT THGUORB EERHT?

4 Published an ode by the poet laureate to the seasonal fluctuation of its sales?


Jan 19

Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 7 8

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(GAH – I published 7 and 8 out of order, soz like)

1 What was likely to give Pistol indigestion?

2 What proved to be soporific for Benjamin and his family?

3 What was dismissed as no more than a college-educated relative?

4 What, according to the hookah-smoking larva, can variably influence height?


Jan 19

Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 6

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1 Takes its name from James I’s physician?

2 Is a drupe of drupelets brought together by a Californian judge?

3 South American lily takes its name from an alumnus of Uppsala University?

4 Tuber is named after that alumnus’s Curator at his natural museum and garden?