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(Even) Great(er) News For All Our Readers! (& Voters)
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This post is being cross-posted to my website Freaky Trigger ( and to my Patreon, and also being promoted on the Peoples Pop account on Twitter as it concerns the FATE of all three. The post goes into the details of it all but for[…]


The 21st Freaky Trigger Annual Between Christmas And New Year Pub Crawl (FTABCANYPC): A Lambeth Walk
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After two postponed years, the Pub Crawl is back and back where it belongs on the 29th December. Join us as we tour North Lambeth, take a walk down Lower Marsh, visit old haunts where we used to dance, and drink some drinks of your choice (alcohol st[…]


Omargeddon #33: Equinox
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Equinox dropped around an emotionally fraught and very weird time; it was released on 01 January 2013, and Cedric officially quit The Mars Volta via Twitter twenty-two days later. As a result, it completely passed me by, although many things did at t[…]

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