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Apr 10

The Bondage of Modern Life

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What can we expect from the new-look NME? Inside gossip about Hollywood, duh! With the news that Sam Mendes might be directing the next James Bond movie, it’s worth considering how different the Bond series might have looked if Mendes had applied his careful deconstruction of American ennui to the entire project. Instead of just a thuggish ladykiller with clever gadgets, Bond might have spoken to an entire generation’s pissy dissatisfaction with this Winesburg Ohio we’re all trapped inside of. Just think of what might have been:

– “My Job Is Not Enough”
– “Dr. No, I’ve Got a Headache”
– “From Russia With Vague Longing”
– “The Bitch Who Loved Me”
– “Octopissy”

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Pop World Cup 2010: Group E – Denmark 0 Japan 3

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Onwards, ever onwards the Pop World Cup marches, with barely time to draw breath! Both Rob H’s Denmark and Dasal’s Japan need a win here, but even that won’t be enough if the other result goes against them. All they can do is play for the full 90 minutes and see what happens…

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Pop World Cup 2010: Group E – Cameroon 1 Netherlands 0

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With Ian F’s Netherlands already safely through as group winners this is little more than a run out to keep their eye in, maybe let some of the fringe players have a go. It means a lot more for Weston’s Cameroon who can confirm their place in the last 16 with a victory here, and cement his reputation.

(There appears to be some sort of dog on the pitch in the other match in this group, hopefully this won’t delay the start by too much, we’ll bring you full coverage as soon as it kicks off…)

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