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Mar 10

WHITNEY HOUSTON – “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”

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#591, 6th June 1987, video

“I wanna dance with somebody who loves me”: the lyrics on this record suggest vulnerability, but who are they kidding? It’s pure titanium, stadium-ready dance music backing a singer on juggernaut form. I’ve talked a lot in the 80s entries about how bigness for its own sake often misfires as a strategy but if you can do enormity well then you’re laughing. And thanks to Whitney this track pulls it off – the producers can conjure up as much space and scale and decoration as they like and throw it at her in the knowledge her voice can rise above it.


the best sossidge roll EVAH

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ok i ett this yesterday: had been swimmin w/dr vick near victoria park, and she was keen to check out the weird village-y bit of victoria park road — it comes across like dulwich village except without a not-as-good-as-it-thinks-it-is minor public school — ftb having tea and cake, and we found a bakery/caff called “loafing” (hoho DYS), and yes, it was the best SR i ever had = a fancy cuisine echo of the foodstuff recollected here!

Pop World Cup 2010: Group B – Greece 1 Nigeria 2

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More action now from the group of draws, Group B. Greece ranked as outsiders ahead of the tournament, while Nigeria were hotly tipped in some quarters to go somewhere near All The Way. But the table doesn’t lie and they go into this game all square. Defeat may leave either team contemplating an early exit and no-one wants to go home too soon to their national equivalent of Del Amitri.

Voting for this match ends at midnight on 18 March


Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 8

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Special DPRK adjutant liaison Mark Sinker again joins Peter Baran and Roger Bozack in PWC2010’s luxurious control suite, this time for some surprising results from the Group H matches between Switzerland and Spain and Chile and Honduras. Juniper Moon, Touch El Arab, Banda Blanca and Kudai all take the pitch. The closing song is “Ella Quiere Ron” by Omar La Chercha.

Produced by Elisha Sessions.

The Friday Fun Canon Discussion And Monster Poll

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People in the Popular comments boxes are talking about “the canon”. I’m always quite curious as to which bits of the canon have ‘taken’ with a broadly pop-positive audience such as we have here. So here’s a poll, very easy to fill in, just say which of the Top 50 albums OF ALL TIME EVER you love. You can interpret how strong an attachment you want “love” to be, of course.

The list of albums is from Acclaimed Music, a kind of ‘metacanon’ which lists the top 3000 albums.

To make it more interesting, answer these questions in the comments box:

1. What’s the WORST record on this list?
2. Which of the records you ticked did you love first?
3. Which of them did you start to love most recently?

Poll below the cut.