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Sep 09

The Most Important Game Ever Made #8: Special YOU LIE Edition

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Anyway, it turns out the Beatles never did perform “Can’t Buy Me Love” on the Ed Sullivan show, which makes them LYING LIARS WHO LIE. Were they even born in Liverpool? I’ve seen an ungrammatical placard that says otherwise and I refuse to let the SOCIALISTS silence me.


PHYLLIS NELSON – “Move Closer”

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#549, 4th May 1985

For all that “Move Closer”‘s intro positions the song as a see-what-you’re-giving-up-boy move, on the surface there’s something surprisingly chaste about this record – maybe it’s Nelson’s high-register sweetness, or just the way she calls her lover “my dear”. It’s the sort of song people make Hallmark Card-style videos for, all soft focus and sunsets.


My Ten Favourite Films Of 2008: 1.5: Summer Hours

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(Doesn’t count cos I saw it on DVD).

Perhaps I wasn’t clear at the start of this little project, but the list of favourite films from last year were films I saw in the cinema. This is not a problem because I tend to see over 100 films in the cinema a year, and so rarely miss something I want to see. It does mean occasionally I catch something on DVD later which is good, but usually i am excited enough about a release for it to get me to see it. Summer Hours, last years pastoral piece by Olivier Assayas managed to sneak past me in the summer. Possibly because I didn’t find the description (middle class family bicker about what to do with the family house when the inherit it) very exciting. But I really like Olivier Assayas, Irma Vep, Demonlover even Clean are all really good films to me. But DVD was how I saw Summer Hours, and yet it gripped me like no other DVD I have ever seen.