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Sep 09

Subtitling Gravity’s Basterds

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From one star reviews upwards, everyone has noticed that Inglorious Basterds, much like its director, is a bit talky. There are moments of action, explosions, and the obligatory Mexican standoff, but here Tarantino runs a Mexican standoff that has to explain how its a Mexican standoff before it is worked out. All of which you might expect from Quentin, he likes his words, and at least his pop culture riffing is restricted here to pre-war pop culture (German film). What is interesting in a director who is seemingly interested in lots of the formal aspects of film-making is the language issue. I don’t have a problem in the German characters speaking German, French/French. The numerous signposted switches between native languages and English are a bit clunky but done with a knowing wink. but for a film which uses three different subtitled languages (sometime in the same scene) the fact that all the subtitles are rendered in the same shade of yellow is a little disappointing. The sequence that relies on a bad German accent is almost dying out for some sort of formalist signposting. Come on, they are German, use a GOTHIC typeface.


30 plays of “Hurt” never stopped us dreaming

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Clearly the most significant aspect of England’s qualification for next year’s FIFA World Cup is that it allows the nation once again to dream of victory in the Pop World Cup. This tournament, to find the world’s greatest pop nation, will be running on Freaky Trigger (with cross-platform media support! We’ve even set up a @popworldcup Twitter account though don’t expect it to do anything till December.)

If you saw the 2006 Pop World Cup on livejournal, or the EuroPop 2008 feature here, then you know broadly what to expect. Every participant gets to manage a country by choosing MP3s to represent them. Readers vote on which MP3s are the best and offer comments box commentary. The winning countries progress through the tournament to the final. In 2006 the unfancied Czech Republic beat Portugal in a thriller.


St Tola (cheesy lover 17)

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The cheese: soft raw goats cheese, made in Co Clare, Ireland
Bought from: Neals Yard Dairy

St Tola comes in big logs, and a slice of about a half-inch thickness makes my lunch. It’s got a soft yellow wrinkled rind, underneath which the cheese is almost liquid and oozes out onto the paper it came wrapped in. Further in there’s a clean white fluffy centre. St Tola is two cheeses in one; soft and squishy liquid around the edges, light and fluffy on the inside.