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Jan 09

Wolverine: Old Man Logan and the art of the single issue comic

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Almost all the talk these days in comics is of graphic novels, mostly meaning collections of the continuing traditional 24-page monthly comic. Writers create story ‘arcs’, i.e. they write for later collecting, most often in six-issue chunks. I have nothing against this, but I want to celebrate the monthly comic, too, and the writers who make really good ones, who, without sacrificing the longer story, write great single issues that make you desperate for the next one.

Mark Millar’s previous run on Wolverine, collected as ‘Enemy of the State’, was fantastic, but this current run may be even better, and the latest issue was one of the best I’ve read in years. The setup: it’s set in a future 50 years after just about every Marvel villain somehow got it together to team up and massacre all the superheroes and take over the world. Wolverine hasn’t fought anyone or popped his claws since then.


But What If Life Gives You Shit Lemons?

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The most obvious film to compare Trouble The Water, the Hurricane Katrina disaster documentary with is Spike Lee’s epic When The Levees Broke. Being considerably shorter by two and a half hours, you may be forgiven in thinking that Trouble The Waters is a lighter, easier digested, dumbed down version. It is not: rather it is a terrific personal journey through the New Orleans disaster through the eyes of a remarkably optimistic couple (really, how they manage to stay positive and not be annoying or mentally ill is amazing). You get something a bit different from the Spike Lee film that this (though both are worth seeing). A much more interesting comparator to Trouble The Water is another film from last year, camcorder alien stomps on New York movie Cloverfield.