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DAVID SOUL – “Silver Lady”

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#413, 8th October 1977

I can’t help but wish this had been Elvis’ last single, though David Soul does a more than satisfactory job by himself. Where “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby” was a singer playing a role refracted through a TV character, “Silver Lady” drops the hearthrob palaver and sounds more like Soul’s just having a good time, singing the pop he wants to sing while his star’s bright enough to allow it. In that sense it’s closer to a lot of modern sleb-goes-pop material – chuck a saleable song the celebrity’s way, let them have a bash at it.


Real Science On Food Packet Shock

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I like the odd prune. And so I got myself a bag of Sainsbury’s Organic Prunes the other day to snack upon (the strange sub Graham Norton packaging not withstanding SO Sainsbury’s Organic). Anyway whilst munching my way through my eyes alighted on the back and the following terrific statement regarding the ingredients.


Comics: A Beginner’s Guide: Horror

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It was, more than anything else, EC’s powerful horror comics that led to uproar and US Senate hearings in the ’50s – and for years afterwards, comics were aimed more squarely at children than any time before or since.

They don’t seem so scary today, over 50 years on. The twists are often predictable and kind of repetitive when you read a lot of them, and the insistence on describing everything in captions (the panel outlines and caption lettering were produced before the artists got to start work) is wearing. Nonetheless, they had lots of terrific artists: Johnny Craig, Harvey Kurtzman, Wally Wood, Jack Davis, George Evans, Jack Kamen, Reed Crandall, Graham Ingels. Ingels was particularly strong on creepy characters and atmosphere, but the general standard was exceptional.