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#412, 3rd September 1977

Elvis’ first posthumous Number One is like a miniature of his career: a brilliant beginning, a saggy middle, and it ends way too soon. Elvis comes out fighting, swaying and swaggering over a roiling disco boogie – when the brass stabs in on “all of my resistance” it’s a genuine thrill. His voice is still iconic: its slurs and mumbles an economical, broadstroke sketch of Presley past, but born of expertise as much as laziness. “Way Down” is let down by its chorus, whose jauntiness sweeps all tension away and whose ending dispels any momentum: the song’s components just never really fit together.


All My Friends Were There

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The signature of Russell T Davies’ tenure as Dr Who ‘showrunner’ has been a sustained examination of the dynamics and the dramatic possibilities of the Doctor/Companion relationship – from the obvious (what if they DO IT), to the relatively unexplored (what happens to those left behind? what happens after you get left behind?). His vision of the Doctor, ultimately, is as an agent of change – which chimes with how the character’s been portrayed since Baker T, at least, but that tended to be situational change: the Doc as the random element that twists outcomes  differently. Davies’ Doctors (Tennant in particular) effect change on a personal level. One single adventure with the Doctor is enough to transform Donna’s outlook on life: two seasons turn a Peckham shopgirl into a gun-toting dimensional warrior. Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen the last episode: