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Oct 07

RIP Stylus

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Stylus Magazine is closing – I never read it as much as I ought but there was some good stuff in it, especially William B Swygart’s Singles Jukebox blog. This started off as WBS’ rantings about the week’s UK Top 40 – a strangely heart-warming tightrope walk between despair and enthusiasm – and then morphed into a team blog, Focus Group style. I contributed myself – a lot of the time writing brief singles blurbs was a method of shaking myself out of writer’s block and frankly looking back most of my contributions read that way. But some of them were decent, and in a shockingly egotistical tribute here are six reviews I submitted that I’m still pretty pleased with (ta to Cis for the idea!). The link’s still on the sidebar – search the archives for better stuff by other people, and a big thankyou to William for running it and giving us all the opportunity.