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Oct 07

I Bolted Through A Closing Door

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The fact that this intriguing (and personally flattering!) “symposium on music blogging” has slipped out with so little discussion is itself some kind of proof of its central, slightly mournful hypothesis – that there isn’t really a discussion-based music blogosphere any more. Almost all the (fine) writers involved lament the lack of interaction and wider conversation among music blogs (compared to 2, or 4, or 6 years ago) – all of them then are only really able to namecheck their friends when asked to recommend good ones.


Established 1967

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Radio 1 have an album of cover versions out for their 40th anniversary. The gimmick is that a top pop act of today covers a song from each of the forty years the station has been going.

Stylus Magazine’s “Singles Jukebox” blog is reviewing each of the forty tracks on the record. Because I am a mentalist I ended up reviewing all forty of them – how many of my blurbs editor William B Swygart will use I have no idea, especially as towards the end I think my reviews stopped making a lick of sense. When the whole thing is done (after this week) I will probably put my review up here as a C90-Go style essay (I reviewed each track while it played, one listen only). In the meantime enjoy my burblings and others’ perhaps more considered impressions.