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Nov 05

lessons in mise-en-scene

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now everyone’s had their me-too knockabout fun with the locked doors and the doofus look, let’s get to the real question here — where does beijing get off scheduling their visitor’s press conferences on the set of china’s answer to PLAYSCHOOL?

(pic courtesy atrios)

Join us at the end of an era

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Friends, drinkers, publoggers – listen up.

This Wednesday is the end of an era. On Thursday the government opens wide the gates of binge drink anarchy and licensing laws as we know them come to an end. So Wednesday – if you’re in England and Wales, anyway – sees the LAST EVER LAST ORDERS.

So of course we’re going to be there.

We want you, if you’re a reader or contributor to the publog and likely to be in a boozer on Wednesday, to take a photo of the bar when last orders is given – including yourself if you want, a snapshot of closing time for closing time. Then send them to us at or send us the link to where you’ve put the photo.

And if you think this is a good idea then please do link to it and tell other people!

Time gentlemen please.

World Against Toys Causing Harm

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or WATCH. In particular their annual list of the their top ten most dangerous toys. The list includes some boring choking hazards plus things which look and are designed as weapons which are being used as weapons.
In particular : Thing Hands (used to clobber)
Lord Of The Rings Crossbow (used as crossbow)
Anti-Gravity Boots (used to lie about how gravity actually works).

Perhaps this article is being over-protective but then these companies have not really thought about decent warnings. If I made anything that could be construed as a play thing for an under three I would put a choke hazard warning on it. Except food. And even then, I am not sure. Kids can choke of food after all. (I maintain the warnings are on peanuts because they are too nice to waste on under threes).

Art vs Craft

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I prefer the Primula vs Kraft debate, but nethertheless Stephen Grant here explains why its a bit of a red herring in his opinion in the comics world. Its a nicely balanced piece, clearly going via the detour of punk (well of course) and has the kind of mass pop culture literacy which pulls his strands from wherever it needs. And to prove that he is on a FT friendly wavelength he even discusses a recent US episode of Numb3rs which means
a) There is a 2econd series! Which sounds as silly as the rest.

Abba Should Have Waited

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So Madonna’s song Frozen has been banned from Belgium. Not because of its implicit criticisms of the European policy on climate change, but rather that she has lost a plagiarism case on the song in the Belgian courts. Apparently it sounds a fair bit like Ma vie fout l’camp by Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquavita. And he thought his life was going nowhere!

The big questions that arise from this case are:
a) Where can I hear a copy of Acquaviva’s work to judge for myself?
b) What kind of power does the Belgian court have to enforce the removal of this song from the album?
c) What exactly was Madge doing in the 90’s? Hanging around bars in Belgium it would appears, waiting for one great song: especially considering that Frozen is probably one of her best 90’s tracks.

One wonders if the prevalence of mp3’s may also allow the courts an alternative action. ie: A search and destroy function in i-Tunes which would initially completely wipe the existence of the song, much like the Chinese completely wiped the existence of their global voyages in 1421.