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Aug 05

Tunnock’s Dark Wafers

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A Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down report that Tesco’s dahn sarf are going to start stocking Tunnock’s Dark Chocolate Wafers. Now as we know about four million Tunnock’s wafers are eaten every day, but it shocked me when I went north of the border to discover that the wafers also came in lovely dark chocolate form. Suddenly the four million mark started to seem conservative. Why we south of said border were denied this obvious treat was beyond me. Good work (evil) Tesco’s.

(For choco spotters, it is dressed like a Tunnock’s Wafer, but wears a distinctive blue wrapper.)

Survivors News

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The officical DVD site announced (6 weeks ago) that the final series was definitely going to be released, and now (ok, 2 weeks ago) they’ve posted that all the extras footage is done, so it’s a count down to the release in November…

Knew you’d be as excited as me.

Rob Schneider Movie Character Sort Of Emulated In Real Life

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And its not The Hot Chick or The Animal.

Instead its the woman with a penis for a nose in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo (hilarious review of film here).

Except of course this is
a) A man
b) a tumour not a penis
c) he is luckily not in a Rob Schneider movie.

He is however able to lift 14 bricks with this unusual horn.

Whose Baby Are You, Dear?

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In which our heroine is running around a dystopian (aren’t they always?) war torn future, only to be rescued and taken to a futuristic Utopian city (or is it – aren’t they always?). Therein follows a mind-bogglingly complicated plot* about clones (uh-oh), militaristic humans and old men who float about on giant ping-pong balls. There are five possible baddies, none of whom turn out to be baddies, because all of those plot twists are signalled. This leaves only one set of possible bad guys trying to destroy humanity: the old geezers on the ping pong balls. The problem is, the job of said old geezers (or the elders: aren’t they always?) is to ensure the human race survives. They intend to do this but killing the entire human race. Didn’t think it through! (Do they ever?) Half the city is destroyed, the clones can now fuck and everyone sits down and eats some Applesauce.

Best anime film I have seen in about ten years. Compare this statement however with, third worse film I have seen this year and you will ask me why I keep going to see this tosh. And when is someone going to point out that computer designed sets often just look like poor models?

*Though a real actual plot, unlike in Primer.