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nick.K is dead

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nick.K is dead

Holy shit.

An ILX thread.

The Pazz and Jop 2004 poll is up.

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The Pazz and Jop 2004 poll is up. Go nuts.

Gay Bar! I wanna take you to a GAY BAR!

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Gay Bar! I wanna take you to a GAY BAR! And what shall we drink in this gay bar? Well – why not…

Gay Beer

or possibly

Gay Wine

Reading these stories – especially the wine one – you might be forgiven for thinking that the marketing of these bits of fun is somewhat…. retrogressive, if knowingly so. In general the drinks industry has been one of the most sophisticated when it comes to demographic marketing, exploiting both the space people drink in and the products they drink to appeal to particular ages, gender balances, even ethnicity to some extent (or faux-ethnicity in the case of the endless parade of Irish Pubs). Both these products have the strong scent of ideas that were hatched in the pub – but in the world of booze, the line between such ideas and reality is perhaps somewhat thinner…


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“I Cry for You”

This is in part an excuse to talk about the wonderful post on Mr. O and “German Girl” made by Ally over at the already coolest-thing-in-2005-English-language music criticism, ILMiXor. So go read that first.

Anyway, chatting with Ally last night on AIM about her post and the song, she mentioned that his “I Cry for You” was of equal worth. So needless to say I asked to hear it and some minutes later had an mp3 that I fired up. The opening is like an Andrew Lloyd Webber ballad (but, you know, without subtlety), the main beats and bass are indeed pure Bobby O — but NOTHING prepares you for when The Man Himself suddenly busted out with a verse or two.

Chuck Eddy once brilliantly identified the sort-of AOR wail voice in much mainstream American rock — perhaps most typified by Steve Perry of Journey — as ‘mall blues.’ This is that crossed with the kind of crazed parody of that which the South Park guys do with their original songs as DVDA (“Now You’re a Man,” the Team America theme, etc.). It’s deeply deeply wrong — and therefore utterly brilliant. As soon as you hear him wail “WE ARE BORN! IN THE GHETTO!” sanity departs, and the world is that much more of a lovely weird wonder.

Derbyshire and ID redux

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Derbyshire and ID redux — just a quick followup to this earlier post on John Derbyshire’s frustrations with ID arguments and arguers. Presumably this will be his final word on the subject via the Corner blog, and it’s a pretty darned thorough response to a series of core points always being advanced. Share it for reference should you ever get into an argument on the subject.

And, as always, I like his snarkiness on this point, as these opening remarks indicate:

First, a general remark. I like a good knock-down argument as much as the next person, but I must say, ID-ers are low-grade opponents, at least if a bulk of my e-mails are any indication. They are still banging away with the arguments I first heard when the whole thing first surfaced 10-15 yrs ago. “What use is half an eye?” “The odds against this are a trillion to one!” etc. etc. There is nothing new here. I understand why biologists get angry and frustrated with ID-ers. All the ID arguments have been patiently refuted many times over. The ID-ers response is to come back with… the same arguments.

La Nina Santa (The Holy Girl)

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La Nina Santa (The Holy Girl) has had very good press, though very few of the reviews suggest you should drop everything and go see it. I know what they are getting at. It is a very slight film, which reminded me a lot My Summer Of Love in both theme (sexual coming of age) and tone (it is surprisingly non-judgmental). But unlike My Summer Of Love it shies away from nearly all action, there is no sex, the confrontation scenes are deliberately left out of the picture. So to be honest, it is a film where not a lot happens, and what does happen is only sporadically interesting. I did not like it much while I was watching it. But afterwards it has mellowed on me.

So let me join the consensus. La Nina Santa is a good film. But don’t go see it.


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LOOK AROUND YOU UPDATE: A truism in comedy/tv serials is you make the second episode your best. The first drags them in, the second cements the audience. And episode 2 of Look Around You was much better than the first, mainly due to the extraneous details. The electric toothbrush section might have been an obvious gag but the long list of “new dental hygiene products” was very funny.

And it certainly got the idea of repetition making a mediocre joke hilarious. Medibot. (Which contrasted nicely with occasional flips over to er on Channel 4 where Medibot would have been welcome.)