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May 01

It’s Self-Pimping Time

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It’s Self-Pimping Time: NYLPM readers might have noticed a lack of reviews here lately. Well spotted, o my sharp-eyed readers. I’ve got pop-writer’s block and can’t think of anything to say about anything very much. So what I’d like to do is ask you to help me out – send me an e-mail and name one track you’d like me to write about. Any track, any genre, and if I have it or can easily get hold of it, I’ll do a review and dedicate it to wonderful you. Suggestions to me via e-mail and by, oh, 6PM Friday GMT, say. Submitter of the track which causes me to write the thing I’m happiest with wins a prize.

A perhaps over-generous

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A perhaps over-generous review of Hairy Butter’s album. HB when I saw them did indeed look – and dress – like “sneering aesthetes”, so that’s probably part of the point. But in a 95% worthless set there were three or four golden minutes which sounded like Ground Zero in full atom-smashing swing. In charitable moments since I’ve assumed that such are the risks of Improvisation, but this review paints a different and more depressing picture of the band.

Records Ad Nauseam

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Records Ad Nauseam: “We pick records and write about them….some of us are trying to be Simon Reynolds, some of us are trying to be Lester Bangs…”. To which I can only say – welcome aboard, shipmates.