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Transylvanian Blood Vodka

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Transylvanian Blood Vodka

Produced in the foothills of the Transylvanian mountains to a recipe rputed to be the favoured drink of Count Vlad Dracula from the 15th Century, Blood Vodka is made with mountain spring water distilled twice for extra quality and during the process a natural “Fruits Of The Forest” flavouring is added which also gives the distinctive red colour.

Drink Blood Vodka cold for an exciting, refreshing taste or add a mixer and have a long cool drink.

I have just obtained a bottle of this stuff (free if your asking), with its terribly cheap “spooky font” label. Chances of it being any good are slim. But hey, if Count Vlad Dracula liked it…


  1. 1
    Clorrisa on 29 Dec 2012 #

    actually his fave drink with dinner was the blood of his victims.

  2. 2
    Miss Kaz Cannell on 18 Sep 2019 #

    I used to drink this vodka and I loved it, I’ve been looking everywhere to buy it again and can’t find anywhere that sells it, please could someone give me the details of where i can buy some from

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