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PWC 14: Group B Match 2 (Netherlands, Australia, Chile, Spain)

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Hydroboyz Group B finds the Netherlands (Job) in pole position, but with a point to prove after commentators speculated their first-game victory was down to crowd intimidation. Meanwhile, Australia (Matt) look to build on a decent start, and it’s a vital game for Chile (lartsaegis) and Spain (Carsmile).

Four songs, two votes – below the cut.

NETHERLANDS: Hydroboyz – “Hindabuilding”
Current Points: 3

“After having the Oranje army sent home for hooliganism in the first round, the Dutch squad is keen to show it can advance based purely on pop football skills. Not looking to play a quiet game, it is, in fact, upping the ante faced with joylessly empty stands. With “Hindabuilding” we are playing a certified street anthem, a proper “banger” as they say round here. Amsterdam’s HydroBoyz build their attack during the verses, scoring each time the chorus echoes around the stadium.”

AUSTRALIA: The Preatures – “Is This How You Feel?”
Current Points: 2

“This track was, it seems, used in an Elle commercial, but i forgive it for that. I also forgive the bit in the middle of the song where the man starts singing. I forgive a lot about this song, cos it’s damn catchy.”

CHILE: Matias Aguayo ft. Jorge González & Liset Alea – “Una Fiesta Diferente”
Current Points: 1

“It’s almost too easy to think of Matias Aguayo next in relation to fellow countryman Ricardo Villalobos: both are of Chilean-German nationality, their parents having emigrated with them from Chile to Germany as a result of Pinochet. Both are internationally renowned house producers and DJs who both helped pioneer the minimal Berlin sound before it got trite (mini mal, maybe). Both left the genre behind to further cultivate their sound. If you’re expecting the same playstyle from Aguayo, Una Fiesta Diferente is a different set piece altogether, seemingly more engineered for his Situationist-esque bumbumbox street parties than the insular headspace of a club. But then again, Matias — a self-professed Visitor — doesn’t forget where he came from, nor of where he goes the world over. “House was always the place for the aliens,” he says. Jorge González of PWC 2010’s Los Prisioneros makes a return alongside Liset Alea from Nouvelle Vague in a fun, yet technical formation that’s probably a little foreign where ever played.”

SPAIN: John Talabot – “So Will Be Now (Club Revision)”
Current Points: 0

“Round two finds the Spanish camp in turmoil, stick with the same game plan and risk humiliation, or change everything we believe in, in an attempt to curry favour with the crowd, or just play something really good and see how it goes.”


B2: Which TWO Tracks Do You Pick?

  • SPAIN: John Talabot 58%
  • AUSTRALIA: The Preatures 49%
  • CHILE: Mathias Aguayo etc. 37%
  • NETHERLANDS: Hydroboyz 27%

Total Voters: 83

Poll closes: 3 Mar 2014 @ 13:00

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RESULTS: Group H finds South Korea make a confident start to a group they have been hotly tipped to win, taking home 3 points. Belgium pressed them close, though, and will look to build on their 2 points. Russia may feel frustrated by a single point, though, and Algeria will certainly be looking for a better result after failing to score in the first game.

Still available! The second Group A match is a cracker and has 3 short days left to run – don’t miss it.


  1. 1
    lonepilgrim on 24 Feb 2014 #

    The Netherlands want to win ugly but their questionable victory last round makes this ref want to pick up on every tackle and any offside decisions will not be going their way.
    Australia adopt a more elegant approach and gel well as a team, their front man a worthy winner.
    I’ve grown to enjoy Chile’s patient build up play. Their limited success last round sees them being more assertive when goal scoring opportunities present themselves.
    The Spanish manager’s indecision seems to have transferred to the team. They have adopted similar tactics to Chile but without the flair. There are a few nice touches but they rarely break out of their own half.

  2. 2
    CarsmileSteve on 24 Feb 2014 #

    But LOOOOK at the green vinyl!!! :)

  3. 3
    Chelovek na lune on 24 Feb 2014 #

    Netherlands – not unpromising, urban, flowing, but against tough competition this isn’t quite enough to score. At times we think we’ve seen this game before, and on occasion macho posturing takes the place of real confidence and skill.

    Chile – starts off WARPishly “Straight outta Sheffield! With a crazy Yorkshireman like LFO!” before getting a bit more evidently transAndean. Nice bouncy rhythm, good overhead passing, some nice long shots up the pitch. And quite a few shots in the right direction. But over the finishing line? Nearly.

    Spain – if Chile were taking us to 1990 Sheffield, their one-time colonial masters are taking us to the slightly later early 90s land of deep house. A good place to be. A real Positiva vibe, indeed. Even before listening to the lyrics and getting the scene that is being set. Takes me back to being a 1st year undergraduate in a cold room besides the North Sea, furiously burning incense and learning Slavonic verb conjugations. And a team whose performance just gets better the longer they’re on the pitch: a lengthy show, but not a second too long. One can only wonder how they would wow the crowd in a venue with the finest woofers and tweeters. A stunning performance. A sure-fire winner. Only bettered by…

    Australian – the classic Ozzie gift for fluent, sophisticated pop, brilliant and a bit out of time, (Hummingbirds, first incarnation of the Go-Betweens) which rears its head every so often, and goes all too unappreciated by too much of the world (and, indeed, much of Oz), gets a full “back of the net” result here. Truly contributing to the Beautiful Game. Delightful to watch. Perhaps the most assured performance of the competition so far.

  4. 4
    Tom on 25 Feb 2014 #

    Holland’s route one tactics stunned their opponents in the first game, but this time they’re easier to counter. Direct Eurorap play makes sense in the less tactically astute local leagues but I wonder if that early win was a fluke: you can’t fault the Hydroboyz for effort but they’re having trouble finding the net.

    Some of the other managers – I’m thinking Italy and Germany in particular – will be looking on the Aussie gaffer with ill-disguised envy. For a second game running, he’s playing a traditional indie game with real aplomb. This is hard to fault – especially when the side come out for the second half fresher than ever – and it’ll be fascinating to see if he can take this tactic into the head-to-heads of the group stage and win with it. Lovely stuff.

    Chile are sticking to their tactics too, and after the side seemed to be playing for a draw last time, here the manager’s thinking is a bit clearer. Good unhurried play, all about setting up a few chances and making the most of them.

    Spain are playing a similar game – the most versatile side in the group on this showing, even if there are rumours of disharmony in the training camp. The opportunity is there against a weaker Dutch side, but it’ll need a play or two more before I decide whether this or Chile gets the second vote.

  5. 5
    Garry on 25 Feb 2014 #

    I’m so glad my country persons are playing to their strengths ie the guitar. It’s our pop instrument of choice. We’ve had a few keyboards plinkers and knob twiddlers over the years but we’ve never really been good at it. In the 80s our best stuff had guitars even if they just added colour rather than power. Gangajang and INXS and so on. Thus it was into the 90s and 00s.

    So I’m glad of this decision to play to our strengths. And I’m glad of the Spanish choice as well. They gave refocused their play into a coherent formation.

  6. 6
    Matt DC on 25 Feb 2014 #

    Holland may find themselves experiencing some kind of karmic payback for their first game here, because I can’t see them picking up many votes playing like this. Excellent bleepy noises, but Dutch is… perhaps not the greatest language for rapping in. #schwag.

    This is fine play from Chile though, I found their first effort a little *too* patient but the work of Matias Aguayo has been a constant joy to me for years and this is a fine effort, excellent squelchy noises and a bounding vocalist upfront make for a combination that is impossible not to admire.

    It’s between Spain and Australia for that final vote. The Aussies have hit on a sun-soaked indie pop sound that works for them, and there are hints of Fleetwood Mac’s great early 80s sound here. Respect to Spain for taking the patient route here (especially when there’s a much shorter album version out there) and this is still a gorgeous track, so it’s a tough call that could go either way.

  7. 7
    thefatgit on 25 Feb 2014 #

    Everybody has upped their game here.

    Holland’s players have to tread carefully after their last outing. That might affect their competitive edge, but there’s still plenty to like here. The 16 bit bleeps suggest old skool gameplay, and that’s no bad thing.

    Australia push my long-dormant pleasure buttons with their homage to Fleetwood Mac. But it’s how they play their game with an out and out striker and a versatile attacking midfielder pushing up to provide opportunities to score.

    There’s plenty to admire from Chile as well, but their approach to this round is undoubtedly surpassed by Spain, who also find their way to another long-dormant pleasure centre with effective overlapping runs from deep.

    Close one this, with lots of tight play from all concerned. Not sure how this group will finish.

  8. 8
    lartsaegis on 25 Feb 2014 #

    Yeah, really, this one’s pretty much up in the air — although I have Australia picking up the three here, if the reception in the box is any suggestion — even I have to admit it. One commented said last match that they were playing the game as we knew it in 1985 or so, I’d say something similar, excepting that the retro-present stylings on display here are galvanized to win the hearts of fans out here.

    Which makes Spain’s bid for vengeance a cagey affair between his track and mine when I try to gauge which track the audience will be into the most. Talabot is a fresh face and a star on the rise out here compared to our Aguayo, a tested and tempered veteran whose songwriting has only gotten better with age and travel. I’m obviously a bit biased but, even so, Spain’s play out here is a complete one-eighty made gracefully and I’m standing just out of the player’s pit loosening my collar, wondering whether or not our cumbia-tinged step can break through it. Even so, I’ve heard deeper, more active tunes that are far less standard issue than this, but doing respect to the classics well enough, this one might just win out. And if my second most optimistic projection for us are correct, the next round is going to be a fucking free for all with the exception of Australia.

    Netherlands seems to have taken their foot off the gas with this one, swerving into donuts on the pitch when their last song had more confidence. While Thunder seemed to have had the crowd out on their side in droves, it was way more formidable, disciplined, and appealing on its own than this offering.

  9. 9
    Erithian on 27 Feb 2014 #

    Much easier one to judge. Holland are still niggly, so full of ankle-taps and off the ball fouls that you wonder who buys a season ticket for this stuff. Capable of so much better I’m sure.

    Spain are all tiki-taka, spending the first half passing it around the back four to a bafflingly appreciative crowd, and by the time the final whistle blows you’ve started to snooze in your seat and have to be woken up by the caretaker.

    Australia don’t keep up the standard of the first match, some good ideas but overall a bit short of flair. Upper mid table nonetheless.

    Chile meanwhile start with their own version of tiki-taka but gradually they’re putting moves together that are very easy on the eye, and even though they have the Wenger trait of wanting to walk it into the net, they get there and produce another stylish performance earning top votes again from me.

  10. 10
    jeff w on 1 Mar 2014 #

    The Spanish track was one of my favourites of last year. I’d go as far as to say as the LP version is pretty damn perfect. The ‘club revision’ hasn’t messed things up much, so that’s an easy vote from me. Besides, I want to hear more from Spain in this tournament.

    Same goes for the Dutch, a much underrated pop nation IMHO, that can be relied on to produce a fresh perspective on most styles. Bleepy hip hop is sounding good to me right now.

    The other two tracks are also very good though.

  11. 11
    Tom on 3 Mar 2014 #

    Good grief! So that’s

    Australia – 4
    Spain – 3
    Netherlands – 3
    Chile – 2

    After 2 games. Squeaky bum time!

  12. 12
    lartsaegis on 3 Mar 2014 #

    So my prediction has confirmation! Hats off to Spain for making this group even more interesting. Next round is going to be a rumble.

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