Nov 10

Freaky Trigger And The Lollards Of Pop (Series 4, Week 10)

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Guests were Cecily Nowell-Smith, Marna Gilligan and Alasdair MacLean; Hazel Robinson on kn0bs; Mark Sinker was presenter. Topic = how much does it matter to do stuff right, and what’s going on when doing stuff wrong stops being wrong?


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    Mala Suerte on 3 Dec 2010 #

    Technical fluency is not communicative skill. What separates orchestra players from soloists is an articulate idiosyncrasy: the Berlin Philharmonic is made up of session players.
    But not all articulate idiosyncrasy is technically complex. Robert Johnson was a musician like Pablo Casals without being a technician like Charlie Parker, but they’re all fine. Yo-Yo Ma is a technician like George Benson and that’s a problem.
    Punk was a rebellion of communicative form against meaningless technique but great technique and communicative form are not a contradiction. Still, Bernini was no Michelangelo, and Casals was a bit sloppy.
    what to do, what to do…

    Not arguing, just “lasering in” on your points, as Bill Clinton would say.


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    Tracer Hand on 6 Dec 2010 #

    What a good show! It’s a welcome change from the somewhat frantic pace of some others I could name.

    I am particularly pleased that this episode gives me the excuse to post this, from Vic and Bob:

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