The two winners from the first set of games in Group H meet here, three points in hand and ready to see who will really make the pace in this group. A win here will put either side within touching distance of qualification.

Voting on this match finishes at midnight of Thursday the 8th April.

HONDURAS: Josh DiBrasco – “Who’s your Daddy?” The Manager Says: “Buoyed by our early success (and finding a magical website with c. 40 Honduran acts on), we are stepping away from the Punta style and facing up to our responsibility of repping for the whole of the carribean region, hence Mr DiBrasco and his Modern Reggaeton Stylings. Sitting back and attempting to soak up the Spanish forward play was never going to work, so we’re going for all out attack here!”

SPAIN: Delafé y Las Flores Azules – “Espiritu Santo” The Manager Says: “…really proud of lads’ performance against Switzerland…taking things one game at a time…not underestimating Honduras… very impressive game against Chili…no small countries anymore in World Pop football…unlike our first game, we will bring the ball to the ground, play to keep possession, bringing in Delafé in midfield to link-up with and create chances for Las Flores Azules upfront…”

Commentary Box Analysis: It might be a mistake to mistake Spain’s languid style for a lack of passion but, not for the first time in this tournament, we see POWER facing up to an attractive passing game. Honduras are bang at it for the full 90 minutes, while the Spanish are light on their feet at the start (though they increase the urgency after half time – a proper rocket from the manager perhaps?). The way this tournament’s been going, it’s a tough one to call…

Group H Match 4: Which track do you prefer? [ballot]

  • SPAIN: Delafé y Las Flores Azules 72%
  • HONDURAS: Josh DiBrasco 28%

Total Voters: 64

Poll closes: 8 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Result! Group E: New Zealand 3 Italy 1: Italy won a lot of friends in the commentary box with their clear and attractive formation, but ultimately New Zealand’s flair and light-touch football won out – it was a convincing victory for the Kiwis. “Terrific game this, two defiant styles. I like Scribe a lot here, has a flow reminiscent of Jay-Z and there is a lot of playfulness in the rap itself.” “The Crookers track is all set-up! Where’s that last cross into the box, the strike, the celebration? The pistons never quite seems to be firing all at once.””A few seconds into the game, the Italians seem to have it, but after that it’s all New Zeeland.””What a display from New Zealand! [It] has everything, pace, power, aggression, speed, flair and unpredictability.”

Coming Next: It’s time for the final matches in the Group stage, which will be running concurrently. that means coming next is an intriguing South American face-off between Mexico and Uruguay, and the massive clash between France and South Africa. It’s squeaky bum time.