When old and new media colide. I think that someone in charge of the Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (clearly problems occur when you call it Fantastic 4 2) Myspace page may need to rethink the tagline on this image.
Hmm, Animated Fantastic Foreskins.

But as noted above, this should not be an issue with two of the members at least. The Invisible Woman not having any in the first place (and even if she did it could turn invisible). And The Thing, erstwhile grumpy, super-strong rocky member of the FF, who is also one of the few Jewish superheroes. This rarely manifests itself, he seems completely happy to clobber on the Sabbath, but one assumes the Things, um Thing has already been skinned a long time ago. Before it was made of rock.

(For a longer list of the religions of various superheroes see here.)