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Ha! In yr face Second Life!

Discussion of this story in the office made me realise why SL, as an interweb community, suXoR even beyond the hype, slowness, lack of a decent combat system etc. IT HAS NO LURKERS. ILX gets 20k viewers per day (not claiming this as an huge amount BTW) but only 500-ish of these are regulars – the rest are lurkers. Every online community has this hidden bulk of eyeballs, and that’s where the justification for brands spending money on them comes from (NB to all brands: do not sponsor ILX pls). Where’s the equivalent on SL – it’s not a community, it’s a GREAT BIG GAME and one with fewer players than it would like you to believe.


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    maura on 18 Feb 2007 #

    second life’s appeal mystifies me. it’s like king’s quest with the opportunity for “sex” sessions that are about as erotic as leisure suit larry.

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