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A-HA – “The Sun Always Shines On TV”

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#564, 25th January 1986, video

“I fear the crazed and lonely looks the mirror’s sending me these days”: its showiness may be several cartwheels away from “West End Girls”‘ austerity, but the second number one of 1986 shares a little of the first’s dread and dislocation. Anxiety always sits well on handsome shoulders – the idea of the heart-throb with hidden depths has been a motivator in pop since, well, Sinatra at least: even so Morton Harket’s combination of florid woe and extreme Scandinavian prettiness is particularly enticing.


A Sex Education

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I thought An Education would be terribly worthy. I bought my ticket, thinking that it would probably be quite well made, and looking forward to seeing Carey Mulligan’s star making turn. I’ve always found Peter Sarsgaard remarkably watchable (if often creepy) and – well – its had good reviews. None of which had convinced me that it would actually be all that enjoyable.

It is more enjoyable than I expected, but its as if director Lone Scherfig knew the audience would be drifting in with a case of the worthies. Because the credit sequence, a jaunty piece of blackboard animation set to Floyd Cramer’s “On The Rebound” just shouts flippancy at you. Its such a carefree track that it completely disarms any pre-conceptions of the film being worthy and also leaves you with a sense of innocence that Mulligan’s Jenny will be constantly battling with.
Floyd Cramer – On The Rebound (’61).mp3