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Nov 09

Pop’s Biggest BRAIN

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On Twitter yesterday, while writing the Pet Shop Boys entry, I asked “Who is the most intelligent person in pop?” – I got a lot of replies, so here is a list of all the crowdsourced nominations, from Lady Gaga to Clint Poppie.

The list is in the form of a poll – pick your five top pop brains by Friday teatime and we will know once and for all who has music’s mightiest mind!


Baseball roundup

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p1_1013_pedro_apI’ve left it a little late, huh? The season could be over tonight, around 11pm. That’s Eastern Standard Time, Bronx Time, the time at Yankee Stadium, where the World Series returns this evening after a brief and inconclusive middle eight in Philadelphia. But now we come back to the chorus, the refrain heard so often in early autumn: the Yankees are about to win the World Series.

It’s enough to set your teeth on edge. The privileged golden boys of baseball – Derek Jeter, Andy Pettite, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and his mentor Joe Girardi – all of these guys first won the World Series way back in 1997, when owner George Steinbrenner was still giving great quote to reporters, when the World Trade Center was still standing, when the Yankees were still on WPIX every day through the summer and the “YES Network” (“Yankees Entertainment Sports”) was still just an agitprop gleam in Steinbrenner’s crinkly eye.


Jennifer’s Baddie

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There is a point about two thirds of the way through Jennifer’s Body when Megan Fox’s Jennifer visits her best mate and explains to her exactly why she has been acting weird (where weird = not being grief stricken about mass deaths / eating boys). And the flashback takes us through the fatal night when she was to be sacrificed as a virgin, but because she wasn’t quite so pure she ended up sharing a body with a succubus. Its a clever conceit, and an original movie monster, but the problem is the film stops whilst this happens. Its not as if there has been any mystery, we have already seen Jennifer eat one boy. And while this explains a slight change in her behaviour, it doesn’t really make much sense for her to tell her bff Needy, unless she feels she really could do with a nemesis.

This is the problem with Jennifer’s Body: there are a lot of good ideas in it, but the mechanics of making its plot work clunk on more than one occasion. No-one is going in cold to this film, we know the basic plot is Megan Fox is a maneating evil high school girl.