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Aug 09

I Can’t Review It, I’ll Review It

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bandslam_ver2Bandslam is fun. There, its entertaining, wittily written and for most of its running time cocks a snook at the average High School Movie. Basically its some sort of teen music nerds wet dream, where, upon moving to a new school the previously bullied Bowie nerd suddenly becomes surprisingly popular – not just with similar weirdo Sa5m* but ex-head cheerleader Charlotte. Indeed no-one in his new school seems to bully him at all, which is wish fulfilment point one. Wish fulfilment point two, hot cheerleader (who also plays guitar) wants him to advise and manage her band. He gets to be in the band without playing any instruments. Teen svengali here he comes, a teenaged Paul Morley to the Frankie of “I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On”. All he needs to do is have opinions. All energetically played by the cast, and with sharper wit than might be expected. Which should raise it above the level of Disney teen fodder, yes?

Well perhaps. Its plenty of fun, but the experience leaves a slightly disconcerting taste in the mouth. Its called Bandslam, its about teen bands and the idea of being devoted to music. But what music is it devoted to? There is only one band mentioned in the film from the last twenty years**.