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Hansel & Gretel: Korean Style

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A comparison between the European folk tale and the recent South Korean film of the same name.

Hansel & Gretel (Brothers Grimm Style): So there are these kids, H&G whose parents are deathly poor, probably due to some medieval credit crunch or overbearing feudal lord (Marxist reading). They are so poor that they cannot afford their children. So, rather than give them up to the state – perhaps they lived in Haringey – they take them for a picnic, and then leave them in the dark wood – one assumes TO DIE. The kids have worked out this murderous plot however and have secreted shiny pebbles in their pocketses to surreptitiously drop so that they can find their way back to the paupers cottage. Their parents aren’t exactly overjoyed to see them again, so try the same trick again, but the precociously pebbled-up pair parry their perfidious parents again. Rather than set about the pair with a shovel like any honest child murderers, they clear the forest of all pebbles and try one more time with the abandoning in the scary wood plot. Kids, now pebbleless, use breadcrumbs instead which begs the question if the parents can afford bread, they can look after the kids. Local birds (also suffering shortages) snap up all the crumbs, kids are lost in scary woods. Until they come across a gingerbread house. A HOUSE MADE OF GINGERBREAD! Paedophiles only have bags of sweets, how evil can the owner of an entire confectionery house be?


QUEEN AND DAVID BOWIE – “Under Pressure”

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#489, 21st November 1981

Here’s a type of record which really came into its own in the 80s: rock or pop songs which were terrifically likeable despite having little or no emotional grip. “Under Pressure” is a good example of this because there’s a colossal gap between what the song is notionally about – “People on streets”, as the working title had it – and the actual sensation of listening to it. The video – a badly-synched montage of collapse, depression and hardship – adds to the disconnect. “Under Pressure” simply has nothing whatsoever to do with its purported subject: all you really need to know is in the artist credit, not the title. This is a tag-team bout between two of Britain’s stagiest acts, who go for broke in an attempt to outdo one another. Who wins? (Aside from us.)


Do Us a Flavour 1: Builder’s Breakfast

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As keen devotees of ephemeral pop cultural trends, you will undoubtedly be aware of Walkers’ new series of flavour combinations, being marketed as “Do Us a Flavour”. The concept being that the flavour suggestions of six ordinary Britons have (out of over a million entries, apparently) been accepted by a judging panel which included celebrity molecular gastronomist Heston Blumenthal. And “only one can stay and become the next great Walkers flavour!” That’s another paradigm you’ll be familiar with. Reality TV meet reality manufacturing.

In the interests, then, of food science, it falls to Freaky Trigger to ask the question: when next we go down to the pub, will ANY of these flavours pass that ultimate test and be selected ahead of ready salted, salt & vinegar or Cheese Moments? I do so love Cheese Moments.