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Oct 08

How To Be Romantic and Male Too

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It may not be a pernicious trend, but it is a trend none-the-less. Whether it shows a growing sensitivity in male moviegoing audiences, the interchangability of female leads or is just a sign in the death of the romantic comedy genre, something is changing in the rom-com genre. What am I talking about? The rise in romantic comedies with male leads.

The rom-com, as has been established over the last twenty years, is about the only genre of film where woman can successfully headline the project. You can think of Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore et al, with their name above the picture. Sometimes they are double billed with a bloke – often a comedian to show this is going to indeed be funny (enter Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler). But usually in a romantic comedy the viewpoint character, namely the one without wacky tics and spunk in their hair, goes to the female lead. She is the one who eventually makes the decision to be with the thoroughly unsuitable bloke, usually dumping the nice Baxter she was supposed to be married to. If there is an ostensible male lead (and often in the case of love triangles there can be two) he doesn’t have a lot to do but accept his fate.