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Sep 07

I Prefer Year Of The Cat

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I’m not a pet person. Perhaps it sounds clinically rigorous but I’ve never seen the point in them. Unfortunately after watching Year Of The Dog not only do I still not see the point of pets, but I’m not sure of the point of Year Of The Dog either. It’s a film by Mike White who wrote School Of Rock and the Good Girl. If you’ve seen both of those films you’ll know they are very different. School Of Rock is a flamboyant comedy showcasing the skills of its comedy star. The Good Girl is a low key character piece, almost sonambulantly inactive, showcasing the acting chops of its lead actress.


Food Science Day 2007 Experiment #2: Cavary Ham

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Not on the list AT ALL when we entered the laboratory, this piece of pun based was invented on the spot. As with any great inventions it had necessity as its mother and sous chef. We had bought a bit too much Ye Olde Oake Ham. Now some of you might rightly say that the amount “too much” would be any amount, but we had something in store for the ham. But two tins was too much. And so we wondered what else we could do with this processed mean product (45% meat!). And our eyes alit on the bottle of pink Cava that some of the female scientists had brought to celebrate success with.

It was already open. The day was already a success.

Carvery Ham, someone shouted. (OK, it was me. I own too many Carter records). Carvery Ham, everyone else said with a question mark at the end. Whatever could he mean? And then the poor pun filtered in their head and excitement reigned.