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May 07

This Is The Review That Goes Like This

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spamalot_350×250.jpgWe dine well here in Camelot
We eat ham and jam and spam a lot

In the comments of this piece on This Is England, Emma notes that during a film or a show, if the title of the show is mentioned one should take a drink. Thankfully I had already taken a number of drinks before this moment in Spamalot came up, and so the pain was ameliorated a touch. But MAN ALIVE, this is a bad show.


People For The Ethical Treatment Of People

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manure.jpgPETA (no relation) dumps horseshit outside Gordon Ramsey restaurant saying “You missed a bit”. PETA is the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, note there is no AETP – Animals For The Ethical Treatment Of Humans. If there were I reckon crocodiles, black widow spiders and grizzly bears would not join. But what they are unhappy about is Gordon Ramsey eating ponies on his TV show The F Word.

Of course they are not upset because horsies are cute and they all played with My Little Pony as kiddiewinkles. And their favourite book is Black Beauty. And favourite film is National Velvet. And never use glue made from horses from the knackers yard. And only wanted a pony as a child to love and hug and not to ride around because riding on a dumb animal is NOT ETHICAL.