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Mar 07

A Musicologist Writes

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In the old days, we used to link a lot to good blogs we’d found. I think this practise should make a comeback, starting with Dial “M” For Musicology, which is a wide-ranging, generous-minded and jargon-free look at music and music discourse from an academic’s perspective. Ferret out the post on American Idol for a good example, but lots of it is interesting – I was intrigued by a post on a discovery of Chopin’s piano, f’r instance.

T REX – “Metal Guru”

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#313, 20th May 1972

“Metal Guru” finds the T Rex sound reaching critical mass: it’s all hook and muscle, a thick platinum noise that brings the band right into line with the emergent glam mainstream: Gary Glitter’s “Rock And Roll Parts 1 and 2”, which just missed number one, uses the same iconic beat, and the rollercoaster backing “whoooooooaaaa”s anticipate the Sweet’s klaxon rush on “Blockbuster”.


Century Falls

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Mary WimbushCentury Falls was one of the children’s drama series that kicked off Russell T Davies’ career: I’ll come clean and say it’s unlikely I’d ever have watched it if not for this connection to Doctor Who – I was curious which of Davies’ current tricks and tics would be apparent early on in his career.

The answer is “most of them” – but Falls is a lot darker and creepier than anything Davies has written for new Who, especially in its early episodes where nothing much has been explained and you’re very unsure who (if anyone!) to root for beyond chunky but obnoxious heroine Tess, a newcomer in a mysterious English village.


Pomp and Circumnavigation

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wembleycamOn Saturday, a crack FT team took it upon themselves to brave the wilds of North West London, in order that we could report back to you, dear reader, on the condition and facilities of the nu-Wembley stadium. We did it all for you, you ungrateful sods.