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Sep 06

Gaddafi: The Man – The Myth – The Mess

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You won't get Fried Chicken from this ColonelOkay, the reason why Gaddafi: A Living Myth was not called Gaddafi: The Opera hits you almost straight away in the production. It is not the heavy beats, samples and muezzin sampling score – you could still have a libretto over that. It is the fact that barely anybody sings. So forget that were are at the home of the English National Opera, the Coliseum, and instead consider yourself at a small fleapit venue at the Edinburgh festival. Under those conditions, Gaddafi: A Living Myth is an almost complete triumph. It is a two hour long history lesson on Gaddafi acted over some punchy music with the odd dance routine thrown in. Never as tasteless as it should be, never as shocking as it might be, it still works as a piece of theatre.


Pub Science Experiment #1 Pub 9: The Railway Tavern, Kirkdale, Sydenham, SE26

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The traditional English pub: a place where blokes go to drink. On their own, with their friends. That’s it, really. Sometimes you don’t want any more. Often, no more is offered.



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#269, 19th April 1969

“Get up in the morning slaving for bread Sir”

The intro to “Israelites” – two chords, and Dekker’s naked voice – is one of the most striking in 60s pop. Taken slower than the rest of the verses it’s a moment of absolute authority: stop and listen to this.