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May 06

The Queen Has Been Damned

The Brown WedgePost a comment • 559 views

Sorry Mark S, Elton John’s musical based on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles is to close. Lestat will not be transferring to London, and after the critical drubbing it got this will go along with other great horror musical flops such as Dracula and Carrie. My mum didn’t like Sweeney Todd either and while The Phantom Of The Opera has been a tiny success, it is a two song snorefest.

Actually writing musicals about vampires is a daft idea. You will want a song with a key bit of biting going on: but it would be rude to sign with your mouth full.

The Rules of Ruin 3: The Wrong Pint

Pumpkin PublogPost a comment • 705 views

You know you’re probably pretty drunk when you only notice six sips in that actually you are drinking a completely different beer to the one you ordered. Last night post a free wine reception we went to the Cittie Of York where I asked for three pints of Pure Brewed. What came back was clearly one pint of pure brewed and two pints of White Beer. IT WAS CLOUDY (hint of lack of titular purity). I know the white beer, it tasted pleasantly bananary. And yet I drank it for ages without noting.

In this situation, it is best not to return to the bar staff. I had drunk too much of it and missing the obvious indications would make me a laughing/barring stock.