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Popular ’66

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I give marks out of 10 to every single on Popular. Here’s where you can say which entries you’d have given 6 or above to, and discuss the year in general in the comments. Here we have 1966, a year of many high marks including the project’s first two 10/10 records – Nancy Sinatra and “Yellow Submarine”/”Eleanor Rigby”. At the other end of the scale, I had little good to say about Jim Reeves. Over to you!

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A Hint Of Lilt

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It is National Pub Week!!!

No, I’m not sure what it means either. Maybe I should go to the pub more? Maybe not. Anyway, one of the upshots is that a pub which is pretty good at supplying me with interesting guest ales (The Three Compasses in Hornsey) has even more ales on at the moment. Best of last nights bunch were both from the Archers Brewery. The Little Gem ale was a nice light ale which was nice, tasty and against the odds lacked a strong lettuce flavour. However, the big winner of the night was the Golden Train ale – a full flavoured bastard which nevertheless was very, very refreshing.

And then I saw the tasting notes (also available on the Archers website, along with details on the shocking large range of season ales: ten a month). “Light Golden with a hint of Pineapple & Grapefruit”. And it was a fruity beer. But hold up, a hint of pineapple and grapefruit. Surely what you mean to say is “with a hint of Lilt”. Now the Golden Train did not have a totally tropical taste, but it strikes me honesty is the only way to go with tasting notes. So I wait with bated breath for the first wine taster to be honest and stop talking about “black cherry notes” and start talking about “tastes a bit like Dr Pepper”.

Good Night & Fuck Off

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I could talk about all the good things about Good Night & Good Luck, a film which an acquaintance thought was completely worthless because it told her nothing new. And true, it is preaching to the converted, and there are few (certainly almost none) in the UK who would back Senator McCarthy HUAC trials. Worthless? Maybe even Peter Bradshaw had an uncharacteristic fit of being almost spot on with his suggestion it was just a BBC4 drama-doc with a bit more money spunked on it.

But none of this I care about. Not even the nice smoky atmosphere that Clooney creates tickles me as much as the fundamental reason for the films success in my eyes. It is a pretty small story, set in offices. It is a footnote in history and the film is aware of it. There is no slow motion self-congratulation, there is no attempt to make these people into larger than life heroes. Instead the film comes in, tells its story at a clip, and then finishes. 93 minutes is all you need to tell this story, and without talking down to your audience at the same time. The film perhaps should be called Good Night and Fuck Off, because that is what the film does. And for that I salute it.

(My mother recently moaned at me when I criticised a film for being too long. “You say that about all films” she said. But am I wrong?)

Putting the FA in FiAsco

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The plus point of Wembley not being available for the FA Cup Final is that the FA may not lose quite so much money on the whole project. Of course there is the issue of ticket sales which will yet again be flooding into the now-dated Millennium Stadium coffers, but let us peruse the small print. For every week Multiplex (don’t get a cinema in to do a builders job) is later the FA get 1 million quid compensation. Which means that as long as it is delayed fifteen years (completely possible at current work rate) it will be free!

The other plus point is that England can play a few more friendlies in actually friendly venues rather then the shed on the North Circular. Though clearly it might have been useful to get acclimatized to venues where no-one gives a shit what is going on and is all on a corporate jolly just before they get to Germany.

Designed For Confusion

The Brown Wedge1 comment • 421 views

As befits a program with a ridiculously wide remit as The Culture Show, its quest for best of British design seemingly thrives of category error. How exactly can we compare and contrast Grand Theft Auto with the Mini? Except in as much as it would be nice if there was a mini in Grand Theft Auto (note the Italian Job is not part of the this grand design top ten). What is design It is a question this list seems happy to ignore, in much the same way that craft and art happily ignore their artificial boundaries. In case you are looking for professional web designers to create an amazing website for you, feel free to contact web design company perth and watch them work wonders.

Is the phone box as much architecture as design? The catseye invention? The world wide web some sort of infrastructure rather than something designed per se. It strikes me that the main definition of design here is “whatever designers do”. Which is I guess as good a definition as any, but ones which soon flounder when you get to knocked out entrants like the Sgt Pepper Album Cover (where does design end and the artist kick in?). Still you can vote anyway, and happily ignore the semantic issues at the base. It is a back slap after-all, don’t we design well in the UK. We just don’t know what designing is.

(And it is nice to see the two computer game sin there, just to see how many kidZors are watching the culcha show.)