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Surely this happens in Scandinavia all the time!

Before and After Para-Science #1

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Before and After Para-Science #1
and b4 u say anything i’ve got #2 lined up so :b

“Q: … The more the better. We are glad to meet all our friends. What can we do for you?
“A: Attend. Obey the spirits.
“Q: We will do all we can, if you will tell us what to do.
“A: Boil your heads!
“Q: Go away, George, we don’t want you.
“A. Get off the line, silly.
“Q: Pongo, can’t you send him away?
“[Here the pencil drew the sketch of an ugly face]
“Q: Is that your portrait?
“A: That’s me. G.W. Haha!
“[The pencil zigzagged violently and drove the board right to the edge of the table…]”

I’ve never been to a seance or even used a ouija board, but I bet Dorothy L. Sayers had, the busy heyday of ‘Is Anyone There?’ being the decades between the two World Wars. This exchange is from Strong Poison (1930), and the entire point is that the ‘medium’ is a fake but the other (living) party is a believing spiritualist of some experience (but no mediumistic talent). In fact the fake medium is a Miss Marplish chum of Lord Peter Wimsey’s, who is i. an elderly spinster ii. a very proper Xtian iii. a “militant rationalist” (quote). With the most honorable intent, she is pushing the planchette herself to spell out the replies, so as to persuade the believing spiritualist (a nurse) into opening a safe, to help clear a woman falsely accused or murder. Thus all the spirits are her own invention – but of course they have to convince the nurse: ie must stay within the standard protocols of mediumistic exchange. When I reread this book earlier in the week, the immediate thing this dialogue reminded me of was ILx: ie suggesting that (fake) mediums found it useful to establish that exchanges w.the beyond would routinely encounter TROLLS and TROLLING (ie GW) and therefore wd need a ‘spirit guide’ (ie Pongo) or MODERATOR!!

ADMIN: new email address

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ADMIN: We’ve thrown caution to the wind and signed up for Gmail –, unsurprisingly. This will probably be the ‘official’ FT email account, we’ll change everything over soon. The main benefit is going to be that the 1000MB storage will allow us to receive, ahem, ‘larger files’ if you get what I mean.

I think I take a perverse pride in leading people to the Dun-A-Ri

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I think I take a perverse pride in leading people to the Dun-A-Ri, aka The Irish Bar. Its actual Irishness is limited almost wholly by its name. The clientele, drinks and everything else about screams Saturday night on Lewisham High Street (thank you Matt DC). It is out of place in Kings Cross, not rough enough to be a proper dive, but certainly not fashionable enough to be a destination. Hence for late doors drinking you can always get in and they are usually pleased to see you.

Last night they had a DJ on spinning some rather good pop. He looked like a genetic blend of Chris Moyles and Daniel Bedingfield as we led some Americans astray via the medium of alcopops. The bright blue pear and grape Reef seemed particularly popular. A fun time was had until we were finally kicked out at quarter past two. Except for the curmudgeonly bouncer who was wary of the mad skills displayed by one of our breakdancing visitors. And more wary of the kack handed breakdancing of the one genuine Irishman present. But being told you can’t dance at a disco still rankles.


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#101, 7th May 1960

Fuck all the kisses, they didn’t mean jack. But, of course, they did, or we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Humiliation is a rarity this high up the charts – when you find it, you find it tempered with sweetness; in this case Don and Phil’s lovely falling harmonies. Their rueful descent and the relentless march-band drumming make it unpleasantly clear that the public agony will continue. By the end the pleas are pitiably feeble – “Don’t you think it’s kind of sad?” Cathy and the clown are both lying, and they’re both lying to the same person, and neither seem likely to stop.

FT Top 100 Films 99: STAR WARS

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…..
Star Wars would still be the perenial list topper for populist film charts.

It is not the case anymore I would wager. The document of the Top 100 list puts this down as Star Wars: A New Hope. Bollocks to that. This film is called Star Wars, and no jiggery pokery with additional episodes or digital touch up of effects will change that. Considered on its own, as it should be, it is a bundle of fun with shaky effects and a decent girl/boy, rescue the princess, save the Universe plotline. Considered as part of a six film magnum opus; its wit, charm and lightness of touch seems wildly out of place in such po-faced company.

Do not give me any crap about Lucas always wanting to do a six film, or nine film epic. Star Wars is in itself perfectly contained, which is clear from the convolutions the other films have to do to satisfy continuity. Certainly the seven year old me knew there was only one thing Luke was going to do after that big medal ceremony at the end, and that was go and snog (shag) Leia. None of this sister guff please, none of this girls prefer a bit of rough. Darth Vader is much more evil when he is not Luke’s Dad, sometiomes we need good old fashioned evil. The lines of Star Wars are drawn clearly, and the rest of the films fuck up the fun. You can’t even buy the version with the ropey effects any more, which is revisionism gone mad.

Nice to see the canon builders getting the usual suspects out of the way. And trust me, the Usual Suspects is out of the way.


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As the football season (sort of) draws to a close

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As the football season (sort of) draws to a close, the days grow longer and my hayfever kicks in, it can only mean one thing, time to spend all day reading big brother updates on digital spy. Look here is the last hour of last year’s show, hands up who can remember what Ray or Scott looked like?

ORBITAL – “You Lot”

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ORBITAL – “You Lot”

Simplicity is oftentimes a great thing. Layered synth lines over a straightforward beat carries the listener into an extended sample of a speech about taking over the world via science (I have no idea where this comes from, by the way, so please tell me because it sounds like it’s from Blake’s 7 or something similar) before saying, “Oh yeah, right before I depressed the shit out of you, you were dancing; let’s go back to that.”

I don’t think I’ve encountered an Orbital track that managed to work excess within the bounds of gentility before; I guess age does funny things to everyone.