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Oct 03

CRISP PACKET COPY 2: Walkers Sensations Seasonal Edition: Honey Roasted Ham

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CRISP PACKET COPY 2: Walkers Sensations Seasonal Edition: Honey Roasted Ham

‘WALKERS SENSATIONS are a new taste experience ‘ crunchier potato crisps bursting with irresistible flavours.

‘HONEY ROASTED HAM recreates the warm, seasoned flavours of everyone’s favourite festive fare. Slightly sweet, with a hint of cloves this mouth-watering combination of thickly sliced ham is glazed with honey then slow roasted to perfection. ‘

So Walkers once again gently mock the food world with the vague implication that either (a) there is a seasonal element to the chemicals they use to generate the (again surprisingly complex) flavours of their premium range, or (b) no-one could want to deal with this particular flavour outside the ‘festive season’. (Which, by the way, gets earlier every year I saw the Christmas decorations in the shops the other day and it’s barely even September blah blah blah).

What I like best is that whoever wrote the copy seems unsure whether they are describing crisps or real actual ham. Maybe they honey roast their fried spuds’?

Some of my best friends are Scottish

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Some of my best friends are Scottish, and the recent round of internationals pointed up an interesting dilemma for the English football fan who likes laughing at Scottish football. Do I:

(a) patronisingly support the plucky Scots in their fight against all the odds to qualify for a tournament, (and end up actually cheering when they score etc), or
(b) hope they get the thrashing they so richly deserve for their bitterness (i.e. give them more respect than is probably due)?

It’s a tricky one.