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Jul 03

AMY STUDT – Misfit

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AMY STUDT – Misfit

What Pete misses in his comments below, correct though he is about the quality of Studt’s songwriting, is the best enunciation of the word ‘arse’ in the charts at the moment. There’s no lame ‘ass’ in evidence here; no, our girl Amy goes for a full, rounded, rolling ‘arse’. Misfit? Miss Fit more like.

Good Lord it’s the Foxgloves!

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Good Lord it’s the Foxgloves!. Strangely familiar reviewer name, too.

Dey Do Dough Don’t Dey, Do Dey?

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Dey Do Dough Don’t Dey, Do Dey? All bands from Scotland and Liverpool sing with that artificial transatlantic accent – its a truism. That isn’t true. Just listen to Pass It On by The Coral to hear – at least in the verses – the thickest Scouse committed to a record for quite some time.

Goodbye NYLPM comments

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Goodbye NYLPM comments: as part of the relaunch/redesign we’ve decided to ditch comments on Freaky Trigger blogs (plural intentional) – just as well as they’d started to not work anyway. Thanks to everyone who’s commented here. If you do read something here and want to reply then you can mention it on ILM, or write to the new! working! replied-to! email address given after every post, or even mention it on your own blog. (Remember when people actually did this?)