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Widget Logic

FT had a complex sidebar so after ‘widgets’ were introduced to WP and Steve updated the FT theme in early 2008, I wrote a plugin to extend the functionality of widgets and make them appear as we preferred, rather than be a static sidebar throughout the site. Widget Logic allows widgets to appear or not depending on standard WP conditional tags, such as is_home() and is_single() and so on.

For support you should address yourself to the WordPress org directory and perhaps post on the forum there where it is supported by another developer now. You can leave a comment here too if you like though.

While I supported it, the plugin directed people to a Just Giving page and we ended up raising £1088 for Cancer Research UK which was nice.

Podcast Channels

Podcast Channels augments WP’s basic RSS feed with some extra elements, mostly in the ‘itunes’ namespace. It works with existing features of WP (auto-enclosures and the media library) to make a simple way to podcast, and allows different metadata in different RSS feeds – you can have as many channels as there are categories, tags, even blog authors.

I’ve not updated in years – and we’ve not updated a podcast in years!

Freaky Trigger Theme

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  1. 421
    Penelope on 31 Jan 2012 #

    Hi – thanks for getting back to me
    The weather widget is GoGadget Weather and Weatherforecast Widget.
    I used this one because it comes in French and the weather underground forecast for Agen(our local town), France is always very accurate.

    I am using an artisteer generated design for the site.

    I installed the wigit logic widget and then the goGadgetweather widget and several others including text widgets to appear in the sidebar. Widget logic works for the others but not for the weather one.I fill in the options for the weather widget and then the logic box with
    just like the others then when I press save it disappears – poouf!

    I tried everything reinstalling, re-activating ticking and unticking the widget logic boxes at the bottom etc but nothing worked, however I have found a temporary solution.

    Following the instructions in the GoGadget manual I activated a shortcode plugin for the weather widget and put it in a text widget. The widget logic code does work with text widgets so I was able to program it to only show on the home page. This is working for now, but it would be nice to have it working properly.

    If you send me an e-mail I will send you the login so you can have a look for yourself.
    Many thanks

  2. 422
    Board Directory on 4 Feb 2012 #


    i find this to be the best plugin out there of its type. And find it very handy to use the short space we have for widgets.


  3. 423
    Eileen on 18 Feb 2012 #

    I am having a nightmare with mine. and could really do with advice. I have placed some graphic widgets on my sidebars and they are great when on the home page or on the other “pages” pages. But if they land on a category I get a big brown box that is actually going over my tour summary boxes (from the transfers and transport widget) and falling off the page on the right hand sidebar (for the other widgets). I dont know what I am doing wrong. If I put is_home_page() it disappears, i have tried is_front_page() and I have even tried taking it off the category pages by using !is_category(). Nothing works. I either lose it completely from the home page or if I dont put anything in the logic then it is fine on the home page but the problem comes back into the category pages i.e. 01 Day Tours for example you will see the brown box comes back up. Can anyone help?

  4. 424
    Alan not logged in on 18 Feb 2012 #

    Eileen, your problem appears to be a CSS problem. your home page BODY tag has a simple class of “home blog” but the category pages BODY class is (e.g.) “archive category category-01-day-egypt-tours category-57 parent-category-tours-of-egypt” which is very different and the result is different CSS rules get applied.

  5. 425
    Eileen on 18 Feb 2012 #

    Hi Alan, thanks for getting back to me. I have absolutely no web design experience at all, our web designer put all the main bits on the website but has failed to respond to me in over a week to try to resolve this problem. And now I’m trying to fix it myself :-) what do I do then to only have the widgets on the home page? or even if its possible on the home page and on the other pages rather than the category ones? most importantly it is the home page I really need them on. But ideally if I could have them on the other pages except for the actual tours or tour summaries. thanks for your help so far Alan xx

  6. 426
    Eileen on 18 Feb 2012 #

    Alan, also for example on the individual tours this sidebar is over-writing the key information on the tours too… and so I need to take them off there also.

    Thanks again, Eileen xx

  7. 427
    Alan not logged in on 18 Feb 2012 #

    you mentioned trying is_front_page(), but not is_home() so try that

  8. 428
    Eileen on 19 Feb 2012 #

    Alan! you are my hero!

    First of all when I did is_home() it didnt work, it took itcompletely off the home page as well, and I had tried it before and the same thing had happened. However this time I did it again following your advice but also I checked the box …. Use ‘wp_reset_query’ fix [save] and WOOHHOOO it worked! I cant thank you enough Alan.

    I have also tried putting or is_page() but that takes it off the home page as well again, so I will not push my luck any more :-) I am just delighted that at least I got it on the home page and I can play around with it further later on. For now, it has definately fixed the problem.

    I am so so glad I found this site, you are all fantastic to help us all out like this.

    Well done freaky trigger!! I am going to make a donation right now.

    And Alan! I cannot thank you enough.

    Have a brill weekend!

    Eileen xxx

  9. 429
    Alan on 19 Feb 2012 #

    Thanks for the donation!

  10. 430
    krishnamoorthy on 21 Mar 2012 #

    kalki story

  11. 431
    Erica on 27 Mar 2012 #

    How do I add widgets on multiple pages? I wanted to have it on is_front_page() and also on other page?

  12. 432
    Alan not logged in on 28 Mar 2012 #

    You can use || between 2 tests to check if either test A or test B are true, e.g. is_front_page() || is_author(‘alan’)

  13. 433
    Robert_ITman on 6 Apr 2012 #

    Just upgraded to Widget logic version 0.51 and suddenly we have ‘META’ and ‘ARCHIVES’ on our home page — but nothing like these in our widgets – how do we hide these? where did they come from?

    Solved with adding a blank text widget with blank ‘Widget logic’ to our sidebar then they go away – is it possible version 0.51 now somehow adds a default ‘META’ and ‘ARCHIVES’ when no widgets set on the home page..?!

    P.S. we hide our widgets from certain pages using ‘Widget logic’ !is_page( array( 188, 282 ) )

  14. 434
    Alan on 8 Apr 2012 #

    Not quite. Your theme has default sidebar contents when there are no widgets. The new WL code properly tells WP when there are no widgets so this default content appears. Gonna add this to the FAQ when I (finally) get round to the ‘late loading’ extra coding I promised weeks ago :-(

  15. 435
    Luwak on 11 Apr 2012 #

    Nice Work. This Plugins Too Good To Be Forgotten like a cup of Coffee in the morning. I love This. By the way, Coffee has a time guys.

  16. 436
    Cindy on 12 Apr 2012 #

    Thank for this useful plugin. Anyway how can I post a sidebar on selected multiple pages only?

  17. 437
    Rubén on 4 May 2012 #

    Good morning, I’m Spanish, sorry if my English is not good.

    I have 3 days with a problem to make something very simple.

    I want a widget to display only the file index.php, but repeats the widget at: /page2/ & /page/3/ & /page/4/ & /page/5/ and so indefinitely.

    Any solution?.

    Thank you.

  18. 438
    tony on 8 May 2012 #

    i am struggling to get a plugin that can act as a filter to filter my site for price and certain tags. I dont know how i can do that. Please can you reply

  19. 439
    Alan not logged in on 8 May 2012 #

    I’m afraid you are going to have to expand on that description, tony.

  20. 440
    Grim Cris on 9 May 2012 #

    After the last update, I can’t upload pictures on my blog anymore. I don’t know why, it says “HTTP Error” after I wait a wile and nothing happens. If I Deactivate the plugin, it’s ok.

    Knows anyone why?

    P.S.: I’ve noticed this issue on two different blogs hosted in two different places.

  21. 441
    Alan not logged in on 9 May 2012 #

    You’ve got me there – I have absolutely no idea, sorry. And I can’t think of a way of helping you troubleshoot, short of giving me admin access to a site displaying this behaviour.

    could it be that some of your logic outputs text? try removing the widget logic from widgets one by one to see if blanking one of them stops this from happening – you can always save out your current WL config for safe keeping.

  22. 442
    JEB on 16 May 2012 #

    May Day! May Day!

    We recently learned that the IDXpress plugin by Diverse Solutions does not function properly when WL is activated. This is a really tough spot to be in because our site relies so heavily on both widgets that it simply cannot do without one or the other. The IDXpress plugin is a dynamic real estate mls/property search tool that works perfectly when the WL widget is inactivated. However, when WL is activated, the property slide show component of the plugin fails to work.

    Your plugin is simply a must have for anyone that uses WordPress and I so hope that you might have some guidance for us.

    Here’s an example page: http://califund[dot com]/idx/mls-p820512-359_mountain_ct_brea_ca_92821

    Thanks in advance for any help you might be willing to offer.

  23. 443
    Alan not logged in on 17 May 2012 #

    I assume that as the slideshow in that page linked works, that you have deactivated WL. I’d need to see what it and the HTML looks like when WL is active to guess at the problem

  24. 444
    Chris on 18 May 2012 #

    Never had a problem with widgets now there is a delay when using and when I take blank widget to use most times I have to click on widgets again to use another one because it is greyed out any help thank you

  25. 445
    b00y0h on 24 May 2012 #

    getting errors on v 0.52:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’ in /home/jinga/public_html/system67/wp-content/plugins/widget-logic/widget_logic.php(270) : eval()’d code on line 1

  26. 446
    Alan not logged in on 24 May 2012 #

    something is wrong with the code in your widget-specific “widget logic”

  27. 447
    Berry on 4 Jun 2012 #

    Thank for this useful plugin. I think I’ve got it working now :-)

  28. 448
    Joey O'Connor on 5 Jun 2012 #

    I recently installed Widget Logic and love it for the customized landing page I created.

    My only problem is that my sidebar disappears on my regular blog posts. Here are a few samples. Any help you can give is appreciated.

    when I created a new post, my homepage sidebar does not show up. Here are the three links:


    Custom Side Column (page)

    Latest Post (Side column not showing)

    Also, I’m not sure if this is a WordPress issue or Widget Logic, but ever since I started using WL, my two most recent posts are showing up in the #2 & #3 position and my older post remains at #1 (Eric Nykamp post).

    Thanks for your input!

  29. 449
    Talina on 15 Jun 2012 #

    The new wordpress upgrades have left this plugin and my site a bit wonky. For now the plugin is disabled but this is the error header thing it’s causing:

    Any idea what I can do to fix this?

  30. 450
    Alan not logged in on 15 Jun 2012 #

    “parse error…eval()’d” indicates you have badly formed widget logic code in one of your widgets. 2 errors suggests two different widgets have similar problems. you can work out where the problem is by blanking (and later restoring) the logic and seeing if it makes a difference

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