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The Freaky Trigger Comics Poll 2015

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fletcher hanks Back by popular demand! (Kat asked)

As last year, we are running a COMICS POLL. This was an intimate occasion in 2014 with a small but magnificent body of voters, so if you want to vote in a poll where your opinion really will count* then face front, true believer, this is the poll for you!

The rules are the same as last year. Vote for UP TO 20 titles IN ORDER and send your vote to freakytrigger AT gmail DOT com. These can be ongoing monthlies, original graphic novels, one-shots, web comics, individual strips within anthologies, anthologies themselves, or really anything except that I’ll fold single-issue votes up into the overall title, and it should have come out in 2015! (OR have seen its first English edition come out in 2015)

I think it has been a smashing year for comics and – if you read them – I hope you think that too. I have a shitload of stuff I haven’t even got to yet, but I do also plan to write some kind of personal best of list and by all means use the COMMENTS to remind people of worthy titles as by god there are a lot of comics out there.

*as long as at least one of your choices is voted for by somebody else somewhere, blah blah.


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    Tom on 30 Dec 2015 #

    Already THIRTY TWO comics have got more than one voter. Some of them are the same comics as last time but some of them ARE NOT. I don’t believe I specified a deadline so keep those votes coming, true believers.

  2. 2
    Tom on 2 Jan 2016 #

    Voting in this is also now CLOSED. 154 comics got voted for, and a fantastic fifty-eight got more than one vote, which leaves me in the unlooked-for position of having to leave some out of the Top 50! I will be running said Top 50 starting next week, making January a feast of poll-shaped content.

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