Jul 06

of blogs and bogs and globs and terry gilliam

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i. ok so when sistrah becky and i were small we very much enjoyed THIS BOOK

(because who can resist the name P. V. GLOB, plus also the pictures were creepy and awesome: bog people being peat-pickled bodies dug up after two thousand years, in denmark in this case)

ii. and then yesterday i was writing a review of a film in which BOG PEOPLE are urgent and key (viz t.gilliam’s TIDELAND) (of which more anon, since i am contracted to discuss it elsewhere first)

iii. and after that i went to 1xprivate view of work by, among others, sistrah becky and lotte glob — who is the daughter of p. v. glob)

iv. and here is her work — ie books made of ceramics — and she is danish and the DANISH FOR BOOK IS ‘BOG’

v. so that was an unusually tidy day conceptually

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