Jan 06

a loveable purulence of anti-icons

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apawboy has been ventin his ire recently at the collapse into total useless blah of the words “icon” and “iconic” (see all over his blog for absurd examples): while time-killin in soho on tue afternoon, i gazed for a while into forbidden planet’s window, replete as ever with the full animist panoply of the objects we would do well to reverence

= in this instance, TWO crappy displays of weta collectibles (<--ugliest website ever!) dedicated to NARNIA and KING KONG respectively; the usual in-depth array of tim burton-related mini-godlings (inventing nu-pantheons = his tru-gift) and OH TREMENDOUS DAY a figure labelled "chestburster plush replica" viz a SOFT CUDDLY TOY of ALIEN in the lifestage where it explodes out of john hurt's thorax

i cherish this (and similar) as the jealous nerd-underground counter to the process ian deplores

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