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May 08

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Scooter JumpstyleScooter ‘Jumping All Over The World’
Kim Wilde, Limahl, Quo, OMD, Sisters ov Mercies, and er Sailor. All jumped up and fabulous style.

Apr 08

The Orphanage

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theorphanage.jpgThe Orphanage
The best film ghost story since The Others. Someone screamed when I saw it.

Apr 08

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MGMT – Oracular Spectacular
Mighty Boosh’s Future Sailors come to life! Sparks impersonating Neil Young. All over the place marvellous.

Mar 08

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ceiling-cat-small.JPGCAN HAS CEILING CAT OF PWN! but no delicious link, SILY CEILING CAT!

Feb 08

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dnd babyWhen Geeks Have Children
Saving throw vs teething now

Feb 08

Vampire Weekend

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Vampire WeekendBetter than “Some Foals”. Andy Kershaw probably LOVES them too.

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Lost Season 4DUDES! L O S T! Season 4!
OMGZZZ I am so hyped!!!!1eleven and YOU are wrong for thinking it’s anything but amazing

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4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. Don’t go for the laffs, but the best piece of narrative cinema I’ve seen in seven years.

Nov 07

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Guinness cheese! Because Guinness needs more fat.

Oct 07

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