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The Freaky Trigger Movie AND TV Polls 2017

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veronica-mars-01-435Hi I am Veronica Mars. You might know me from my mid 2000’s TV show Veronica Mars where I navigated the class structures of Californian High School and solved crimes every week whilst being snarky to people. Or you might know me from my 2014 crowd funded movie Veronica Mars where, despite having grown up, I went back for a ten year anniversary to my Californian High School to ostensibly give everyone the opportunity to catch up with all the old characters that hadn’t been murdered, and solve another crime whilst being snarky to people. Anyway I am here to illustrate that the line between TV and Film is wafer thin these days and so it is high time that Freaky Trigger ran a TV Poll AS WELL AS a Film Poll. And I am here to introduce that idea, solve a crime and be snarky about people. Or at least Sight And Sound who apparently think Twin Peaks: The Return is the second best film of the year…

Thank you Veronica. And welcome to the third annual film poll and the first TV poll. The rules are simple – rank your top twenty in both categories IN ORDER and send your vote to ftfilmpoll AT gmail DOT com.

As long as the film or TV show was properly released in UK cinemas or shown on UK TV in some form (VOD / Multi-Platform) in 2017 in the UK it will be counted. I may be a little more forgiving with TV seeing the multiple ways people watch it, but if anyone votes for Breaking Bad I will shut the whole thing down. You don’t have to vote in both polls. You don’t have to list a full twenty – I’ll take whatever you’ve got. If you want to mention a worst in each category I may do a post about that too. The deadline to submit is 3pm on New Years Day because you might be watching movies up to midnight (again all other film polls neglect this point).

Your number 1 will get more points than your 20. And to make the final countdown, it must have at least two people voting for it. If you want to look at last years film polls to get a sense of the local talent, you can here:
FT Film Poll 2015
FT Film Poll 2016

And remember, nearly all of last years award winners and 2016 Cannes darlings were released in the UK in 2017, so I think the start of this year will be quite strong.

(If you want to vote for music – go to Kat’s FT Music Poll)


  1. 1
    LucaZM on 23 Dec 2017 #

    When is the cutoff date? I just looked at a list of movies of movies out this year and there are a lot I’d like to take a look at before sending my final votes.

  2. 2
    Ewan on 24 Dec 2017 #

    I feel duty-bound to make a list (selective and incomplete) of films which have a production date pre-2017 and may have shown up on others’ best-of lists last year but which count for this poll because they were released in the UK in 2017…

    All This Panic; Aquarius; Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk; Boy; By the Time It Gets Dark; Cameraperson; Certain Women; Christine; Colossal; The Death of Louis XIV; Elle; Endless Poetry; Fences; The Fits; Free Fire; Graduation; The Handmaiden; Heal the Living; Hidden Figures; I Am Not Madame Bovary; I Am Not Your Negro; In Between; In the Last Days of the City; Jackie; Kedi; Lady Macbeth; La La Land; The Levelling; The Limehouse Golem; Lion; The Lost City of Z; LoveTrue; The Love Witch; Loving; Manchester by the Sea; Maudie; A Monster Calls; Moonlight; Mountains May Depart; Neruda; Okja; Pawn Sacrifice; Personal Shopper; Prevenge; A Quiet Passion; Raw; The Salesman; Silence; A Silent Voice; Slack Bay; Their Finest; Toni Erdmann; Tower; 20th Century Women

  3. 3
    Mark M on 24 Dec 2017 #

    …inviting the double bill I Am Neither Madame Bovary Nor Your Negro.

  4. 4
    katstevens on 24 Dec 2017 #

    Am I allowed to vote for Gardeners World?

  5. 5
    Pete Baran on 31 Dec 2017 #

    I Am Not Your Negro, Madame Bovary Or A Witch.

    Yrs to Gardeners World, and if you can make a case for it having a full UK release this year (in cinemas or VOD) then you can have it, so for exampla Ava – French Film which I Ewan liked at the LFF is eligible as it was recently released on VOD (MUBI). Cutoff date would be midnight tonight – so for example Black Mirror and Spiral are both open for TV as they aired new episodes in the UK this week (TV and Netflix).

    Cut off is about 3pm tomorrow, when I will be working my way through all of them.

  6. 6
    Mark M on 31 Dec 2017 #

    I’ve dithered about Spiral – I don’t think it’s fair to judge it by two episodes (that said, apart from S2 – which was better – Spiral seems to maintain a good but not great standard over the years).

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