Dec 03

The shame of the (not-so) secret RI:SE fan

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The shame of the (not-so) secret RI:SE fan 4 days left… Iain Lee
RI:SE’s last week and the source for much fun-hater joy. But I for one (quite literally the only one) will be bereft. Nothing else can quite fill the gap before Bewitched/Kilroy and after a groggy wakening. So I am going to post each day this week to confess my sins, hoping that by Friday I will feel renewed, absolved, and that the stain of shame will have lessened some.

Where I was once quite unrestrained in joining in with the universal loathing of Mr Lee, I now feel the imminent loss of the spectacle that is his childish behaviour ‘ he was always in his element and at his most agreeable with kid guests. I’m not mental enough to be a member of the Iain Lee fan club, but I do recognise that he flip-side of being an egoist, a loudmouth, a mock-lad geek, is that you can keep this sort of live “nothing-to-say” telly going ‘ and on occasion he would engage in remarkable Robin-Williams-scale riffs which did have me smiling with the occasional LOL OMG!!!11. Acting up to the class like this, whether drug-fuelled or not*, is the mark of a performer of a stripe perfectly suited to this sort of telly, and it’s a shame for him that he isn’t better known for this than for the delivery of the 11 o’clock show’s largely woeful “topical” “gags”.

*”not” obviously, for all the lawyer readers out there

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