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how long is a piece of…

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how long is a piece of…

Most science blogs I’ve scanned in the last few days are layman-unfriendly by virtue (= vice) of directing their angry passions – if any – OUT of the circled wagons (at stupid pseudo-scientists eg zzzzzz). I like this cluster of blogs (I’m relinking for discussion’s sake, faithful readers will have clicked em somewhere below* already) because they’re not afraid to be echt-bloggily snarkily intemperate in, among and between themselves, about something central and fashionable and, well, urgent and key: Not Even Wrong; the String Coffee Table; Preposterous Universe: I couldn’t join in this argument to save my life, but I can see THAT – and thus sense HOW – it’s life or death to others. Science should out the internal swirls of its rage and confusion more: its punky deep hook is that it’s made by humans, even if the stuff it uncovers isn’t.

*(haha in the relativistic multiverse of the blogosphere, “below” is what we say when we mean – in standard book-language – “above”)

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