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Num Num Tom Yum

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Num Num Tom Yum

About 18 months ago, I wrote about how my favourite noodles had seemingly disappeared. Blue Dragon Tom Yum RIP. I eventually wrote to Blue Dragon, who advised me to go to their SE London stockest, a shop which turned out to be really close to where I live. Sadly, I was disappointed, and the shop didn’t have them. I never went back.

But then last week, I found their new brother product. It’s a microwaveable bowl, called ‘Spicy Thai Noodle Bowl’. Find them, and eat them. Made of rice noodles instead of wheat, they’re deliviously lovely. They’re still as spicy as they were. Rejoice!

There was a change though. I had a hangover this morning and after I tucked in to feel the purgative effects of the chilli, I reaslised that their hangover curing powers weren’t as strong as they used to be. I suspect that might be less the fault of the noodles and more that I’m 6 years older than when I last them. Sob.


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    Dragonlady on 25 Nov 2006 #

    Devastated. I have been looking for Tom Yum Noodles for months now to no avail. :-(
    Did a search on google for blue dragon tom yum noodles just now and got your blog here… feel like a total nerd to admit that!
    Spicy Thai Noodle bowl has nothing on the Tom Yum noodles – I tried them as well a few months ago and was generally dissapointed.
    My husband found one pack of Tom Yum packed away in the boot of his car from a day trip last year that went out of date. Needless to say I ate them and they were divine! I had not considered that they were indeed the very last pack – probably ever in existence and if I’d of know that, I wouldn’t have wolfed them down so fast! :-(

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    Mark Evans on 5 Dec 2006 #

    Hi i have been courting a Thai woman for some time now and we regulaly enjoy the real pork tom yum noodles which you can pick up from most chinese super markets imported directly from Thailand. Look out for the brand MAMA. However BEWARE there are two varieties one is in a yellow and brown packet and the other is in a gold looking packet. The yellow and brown one is nice and spicy and most Farang (WESTERNERS) will be able to enjoy it. But only the very seasoned and hardened spice mongers will be able to cope with the GOLD pack. for those who want a hot challenge try this it is guaranteed to blow your socks off and stop any hangover in its tracks. there are also many other flavours in the range which are good to try. one of my favourites is the seafood variety (Purple).

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